These are the top Brazzers’ pornstars

After 15 years as one of the webs biggest porn sites, it’s safe to say everyone on the planet has heard of Brazzers. They wouldn’t be as big as they are without the amazing women that perform in their videos so let’s take a deeper look at the very top Brazzers’ pornstars

Abella Danger

Abella Danger is a brat in every sense of the word. The 25 year old sexy brunette is petite at 5’3” and sports incredible curves with one of the best asses in the business.

A Miami native, Abella was raised in a Jewish-Ukrainian household and entered the adult industry in 2014. Abella has the looks of a top Instagram model, only she does porn too so it’s easy to see why her popularity continues to explode.

Abella Danger is a personal favourite of mine as she’s the only girl on this list I had the pleasure of working with. She’s also one of the few pornstars to get mainstream opportunities like Yeezy’s season 6 campaign and Bella Thorne’s music video Shake It.

With 7.5 million Instagram followers and billions on views of her porn it’s no wonder she got snapped up to be one of the exclusive Brazzers’ pornstars.

Demi Sutra

Demi Sutra made a few adult videos in 2015 under the name Demi Dolce. But her career really got started in 2018 when she signed with porn super agent Mark Spiegler.

Since then she’s quickly become one of the most popular pornstars in the world. Demi has a petite frame, beautiful face and ridiculously perfect butt, toned from years of yoga.

Demi is known for putting her flexibility to good use during her scenes, how many girls can give a blowjob while doing a back bridge?

Rare for a porn model Demi Sutra gives equally enthusiastic performances with men and women making her a favourite with fans of lesbian and harder porn.

Exclusive Brazzers’ pornstars are not very diverse at the moment. I hope she inspires more hot minorities to get into porn by showing the top jobs are open to everyone.

Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx has a small town Pennsylvania upbringing and had a career in the airforce before moving into porn. Alexis was always a wild child, a rebel and a party girl. So when she entered the porn industry in 2010 it was a natural fit and she never looked back.

Before becoming an exclusive Brazzers pornstar Alexis built a huge following in porn and on social media thanks to her warm and funny personality and approachable hot-mum-next-door image.

There is something about watching porn that makes us all feel like a horny teenager seeing something we shouldn’t. I always loved how Brazzers embraced that aesthetic by pairing the hottest MILFS with youthful guys and funny age-play stories.

So when I think about Brazzers’ pornstars I think hot busty MILFs and that makes Alexis Fawx the quintessential Brazzers’ girl.

Rachel Starr

Texas born Rachel Starr has been in the porn business since 2007. In that time she’s built a huge reputation. Rachel consistently ranks in top ten lists of the most viewed pornstars on PornHub. She has a giant social media following and she’s won more awards than I can actually count.

Before jumping into porn Rachel started out in strip clubs, something she still keeps up today as one of the most popular feature dancers.

These days Rachel is making porn exclusively for Brazzers. And even popped up in Netflix’s Tiger King documentary as she’s a friend of internet sensation Joe Exotic.

Rachel is also intimacy coach and does good things to help girls all over the world be more confident and have better sex lives via private Facebook groups. For this alone I’d include her on this list of the best Brazzers’ pornstars.

Phoenix Marie

If you’re a fan of porn parodies then you almost certainly know Phoenix Marie. She’s done so many including: Jaws, Mad Men, Die Hard and more.

Phoenix Marie was working as a stripper in Hollywood when she was approached by a scout to do porn. She took to her career and quickly became a fan favourite with her crazy hot body and relatable personality.

Phoenix said porn helped her develop parts of her personality that were difficult while growing up. She didn’t really date or have much sex. Porn taught her how to be more social, how to interact with men and how to be empathetic and caring.

Throughout her porn career Rachel has been consistently in demand, including on the Brazzers sites. She shot over 120 scenes for them making her one of the most prolific Brazzers’ pornstars ever.

Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland has come a long way since she went viral as the OSU Library girl. If you don’t know the story, Kendra was a MyFreeCams camgirl that broadcast from Oregan State University public library.

When people found out they were part of a pornographic broadcast without their consent they were super pissed, Kendra went viral and was lucky to escape a prison sentence!

Eventually Kendra Sunderland moved from webcam to porn gaining legions of fans thanks to her beautiful looks and huge natural boobs.

Kendra is one of the newest exclusive Brazzers’ pornstars, signing her deal in March 2020, we can’t wait to see where her career will go next.

Luna Star

Luna Star is a pornstar from Cuba. Since her porn debut in 2013 she’s gained a massive following due to her committed sexual performances and eye-popping curves.

Luna describes herself as being born to do porn, she’s so in love with the industry.

Growing up Luna was something of a wild child. In interviews she describes her experiences of stealing friends’ boyfriends, and even letting some teachers finger her.

Luna says she never let any of her teachers fuck her because she likes having power and to do so would give that up.

That should give you an insight into her personality. She’s very strong, stronger than most men she meets and so in porn she really excels when she gets to be herself and be in control.

With 2.2 million Instagram followers Luna’s star keeps rising so it’s no wonder she’s one of the most viewed Brazzers pornstars.

Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy was born in Germany but raised in Texas before moving to California. This petite curvy porn princess waited tables and even worked at In-and-Out Burger before getting into stripping.

While dancing she met pornstar Aurora Snow who introduced her to the business so she could shoot her first adult movie in 2007.

Madison Ivy was an instant hit with producers and fans and has had a long and varied career working for all the biggest productions.

Madison is a keen weed smoker and is particularly famous for her raunchy Instagram, it’s amazing how creative she can be with her sexuality. And somehow she seems to get away with things that would get most girls deleted.

She was the first ever exclusive Brazzers’ pornstar, a relationship that continues to go from strength to strength today.

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