Challenge: can you do the most difficult sex positions?

Most difficult sex positions

The most difficult sex positions are more like feats of stength or acrobatics than something sexy or romantic. In fact they’re so difficult even the pros in pornography rarely attempt them. For those of you that are more adventurous, athletic or stupid, here are the most difficult sex positions for you to try.

I’d say the most difficult sex positions are more likely to end in a visit to the emergency room than an orgasm. But if you insist on challenging yourself. Let’s get right into it.

The Spider

The spider is one of those positions that looks easy, but it’s complicated to get into. You and your partner are gonna need to be very coordinated. And it takes strength from both partners to maintain, plus it’s energy-sapping to get any motion going except gentle grinding. This makes it one of the most difficult positions there is. On the plus side, it’s intimate and allows lots of eye contact a great view of each other’s bodies.

How to do the spider sex position

  1. Lie on the bed facing each other supporting your weight with your hands. Your partner’s legs should be over your own so she can position her vagina over your penis.
  2. Your partner should lean forward so you can penetrate her then lean back again. Achieving penetration isn’t so hard here but once your partner leans back into position it can be hard to maintain penetration. Particularly if you have you have a smaller penis or your partner has a big butt. It takes practice and awareness of each other’s bodies.
  3. Start grinding or thrusting. Thrusting in this position takes a lot of effort. It takes coordination and stamina to keep it going. It’s extremely difficult for either partner to achieve orgasm in this position. The most likely situation is your penis keeps slipping out and your stop out of frustration.

The Wheelbarrow

This is the first dangerous and difficult sex position on my list. To do the wheelbarrow your partner will need strong arms and huge core strength. You will also need strong arms and both of you need good balance and coordination or you risk a horrible head injury if it goes wrong. On the plus side, the wheelbarrow is a difficult sex position that feels good and allows you to penetrate a variety of different angles to hit her g-spot just right.

How to do the wheelbarrow sex position

  1. This position is very awkward before penetration. To begin with, your partner should lean forward and bend her knees as you penetrate her while standing.
  2. Next she should allow her hands to touch the floor and she should kind of do a pushup as you take her weight by lifting her legs or hips. Pro tip: it’s much easier to lift her higher up on her thighs.
  3. Start thrusting and enjoy it. Remember to be aware of your partner’s strength and communicate. Help her to the floor gently before either of you runs out of strength and the position falls apart. Also, remember that your partner is effective upside down in this position so give her a break every so often so her circulation can return to normal.
  4. Cheat code: this position is much easier and safer if your partner balances her hands on the sofa or side of the bed instead of the hard floor.

The Helicopter

While not the most difficult sex position on my list, this is the most ridiculous. It also takes the most skill to pull of well. This one is quite easy for your partner. All she has to do is stay in the doggy position and try not to laugh too much. For you, it’s going to take lots of balance, huge core strength and excellent coordination. When you get really good at it you can clap your hands like the guy showing off in the gif above.

How to do the helicopter sex position

  1. Starting this position is easy. Simply penetrate your partner in the doggy position.
  2. Next, you need to switch to a kind of mid-air plank position. Lift those feet off the ground and use your hands on the bed to keep balanced.
  3. Now the hard part. You need to spin around at least 180 degrees. Any pleasure you or your partner gets will come from rocking your body rather than thrusting. The good thing is you can try lots of different angles as you rotate but let’s be real, neither of you is going to enjoy this except as a personal achievement.
  4. Pro tip: friction is the enemy, use lots of lube to help you spin. But be careful of falling off your partner, your penis could bend too much and you could do some damage.

The London Bridge

London Bridge sex position

The London bridge is the most difficult sex position for men. The only reason it’s not number one is that it doesn’t really give the female partner much to do. To pull off the London bridge sex position you will need to be a yoga expert with huge core and arm strength. This back-breaking sex position is not for amateurs. It’s so difficult I couldn’t even find it in a porn video.

How to do the London Bridge sex position

  • If you can do a back bridge in yoga then you can do this position. Simply get into position.
  • Hold the position while your girl uses you like the yogi god you are.

Superman sex

Want to make your girl feel like she’s flying? Then the Superman sex position is for you. It’s easily the most difficult and dangerous sex position there is. You are going to need huge upper body strength. Your partner will need a super-strong core and legs. There is a very high chance you will drop your girl and risk some horrific injury. But if you can do it, well done. You nail it then well done, you just completed sex!

How to do the Superman sex position

  1. For safety reasons you should practice this position kneeling on a bed before you try it standing up.
  2. Penetrate your partner in the doggy position. Her legs should be outside of yours.
  3. Try to pick her up. Your partner should keep her hands by her side to begin with, and grip you tightly with her thighs.
  4. Once you’re comfortable and have her in the air you can start thrusting and she can pump out her firsts and fly like superman.

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