Dick size – How Small Is Too Small For A Woman

How small is too small for a woman? Let’s settle this in one blow. Your penis is not too small for a woman. Period. If you are between 4” and 6” when erect and unless you are in the 1% of men that has a micropenis, your penis is the perfect size for a woman and not too small!

Too short? Too long? Too big? Too small? Too fat? Too thin? No, it’s not Dr. Seuss! It’s you worrying about your dick size! Sounds like Dr. Seuss doesn’t it? After all this time and all the data, you would think that this matter would have lost some of its vigours, but no.

Don’t believe me? Well, we are gonna jump into the fire here and by the end, you’ll know for sure that your wang, schlong, willy, dick, cock, wizzo, or whatever you call it is not too small for a woman!

The Facts About Penis Size 

Before we get subjective on this stiff issue (sorry!), we need to look at the scientific facts about penis size globally, so grab a beer (and some porn) and prepare yourself for an educational fact-finding mission to Penisland, where all are created (mostly) equal.

One of the most extensive surveys on penis size in the world was conducted in 2014 when some 20 000 – Yes, TWENTY THOUSAND – dicks were measured in both flaccid and erect states and the results were less spectacular than you would imagine.

The average length flaccid was 3.58” and the girth was 3.66\” while the average length for an erect penis was 5.16” with a circumference of 4.59”. Yes, the average from over 20 000 measured stiffies was just over 5”!

Can You Get A Penis That Is Too Small

Yes, you can, but if your willy is anywhere in the ‘ballpark’ of those measurements, then you don’t fall into that category. The micropenis which is less than 3” when erect is rare and can be compensated for using penile sheaths during sex or in extreme cases, surgery.

Many men believe they need enhancement surgery when they don’t as their penis size falls well into the realms of normal sizes. Some even have the procedures done even though they don’t need it.

How To Measure Your Manhood Properly 

Many men obsess over whether they are long or big enough but this obsession or perceived lack of dick mass is often misconstrued and mostly cos of porn – but we’ll come back to that discussion later.

The real question to start with is,” Do you know how long and thick your penis is?” If your answer is no, grab your measuring tape and follow the instructions below. And if your answer is yes, then grab your measuring tape and follow the instructions below.

You can do this alone or with your partner (which could lead to a rather naughty encounter) but right here and now you are going to gather your actual dick data and set this to rest once and for all!

  • Step 1: Place the tape at the base of your shaft- on the pubic bone and then extend the measuring tape to the very top of the tip (where the peephole is) and look at the tape, and write down or note the measurement.
  • Step 2: Find the thickest part of your shaft and measure the thickness and make a note of that measurement. Now for the fun part! 
  • Step 3: Using porn, your partner’s hand, or your own, get yourself erect and perform the same set of measurements on yourself and make notes of the numbers.

DON’T DO THIS IF YOU ARE AT WORK – YOU COULD GET SHAFTED! Or at least a disciplinary hearing if you are at your desk!

All joking aside, it’s time to compare your numbers with those of the global survey and see where you ‘cum’ in the general scheme of things!

If your flaccid measurements were around 3,5” or more for both length and thickness then CONGRATULATIONS, your dick is not too small for a woman!

If your measurements were longer then your penis is not too small and if they were shorter, then your dick is not too small for a woman either! Starting to get this? Your penis is not too small for a woman!

Feel better and looking down with a new sense of pride? You should be! But there is more to penis size when it comes to pleasing your woman than just your johnson! You see, believe it or not, the tale of the penis is matched by the tale of the vagina!

The Yin And Yang Of Wang Size

Now that we have the Yang of your wang, we need to look at the Yin of the quim, and here again, science ‘cums’ to the rescue with some very interesting data.

Remember the porn discussion we touched on briefly, well, herein lies a few myths that need to be dispelled. If you watch porn (and who doesn’t) you’ll notice a trend with the male performers – their cocks are huge!

Then you look down at yours and think,” I’m smaller than that, I can’t possibly be big enough!’ (BUZZER SOUND) WRONG! Porn is acting, a movie – PORN IS NOT REAL and yes, the actors have big dicks because it looks good on camera!

And the female stars moan and cum because that’s what the script says – but the reality of sex and what feels good for women is a far cry from your full HD scene on Pornhub!

You see, science tells us that the average depth of the vagina is just 3.77”! Yes, under 4” is the average depth, and the nerve endings that deliver pleasure in the pussy when you are ploughing away only extend about 5” deep.

The most sensitive part of her fun park, her clitoris (the world’s smallest dinosaur) is only about 1” and has 8 000 nerve endings is located at the mouth of her pleasure tunnel, and herein lies one of the keys to sexually satisfying your woman.

Let’s Make This Simple

If you believe that women only get off when they have an 8” cock inside them, think again. Actually when you consider that the average vaginal depth is just under 4” until you hit the cervix which is the entrance to the womb, having something hard and long smashing into your baby door, probably doesn’t feel that good!

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, having a penis that is more on the average size is much more comfortable inside a vagina and can stimulate all those nerves is far more attractive than having a 10 incher rearranging your breakfast.

For petite women especially, an average size penis is far more pleasurable than Rocco Sifredi’s cock banging away. And truth be told, a long penis could very well have the opposite effect and be painful, while a very thick dick could be equally so as it stretches the vaginal walls.

Your cock head, the mushroom, whether cut or uncut, delivers great pleasure to those nerve endings as you slide in and out and if your head can have a chat with all those endings, your woman ain’t gonna give two shits about how big you are, only that your dick feels fantastic!

To illustrate this a bit more visually, try taking a 10” banana and shoving it into your mouth and having it hit the back of your throat and make you gag and no, this is not a reference to you sucking dick, just a more graphic example.

Now, take a 5” banana and do the same.


How to please your girl

For sheer nerve ending numbers, the penis pales in comparison as the clit has more than double the number of nerve endings your cock has! Think about that in the context of sex, as combined with the nerve endings in the vagina itself, a woman has more than 15 000 in that area alone!

Not only that, but her clitoris has only one function – PLEASURE. Unlike your rod, which has dual functions of urination and insemination, your woman is built for pleasure, and herein lies one of the great secrets that can turn you from average lover to Adonis overnight – regardless of your cock size!

Ready? Here is the secret.

Become best friends with your lady’s clit. Get really good at eating pussy and become an expert with your fingers. Know how she likes to be touched.

Use toys that vibrate like vibrating cock rings or dildos or clit stimulators. When you are creating those incredible sensations that rush through her pussy and body like wildfire, you could have a 3” cock and she would think you’re a sex god.

Women orgasm through the clit which is why you often find your girl rubbing her pussy when you are doing doggy, anal or other positions where you can thrust deep. You can even make her cum without penetration, so that removes any doubts you may have about your penis size right there.

You see it’s the clit that makes her cum and gives her those earth-shattering experiences that leave your dick drenched in love juices and that is the key to never worrying about your penis size ever again.

It ain’t the dick size, it’s how well you can find and stimulate the clit while you are fucking her that will have her squeezing every drop of cum out of you as she climaxes hard and deep.

How Do You Learn About Your Lady’s Pleasure Parts 

The best way is to ask! Oh yes, time to use those pair of balls for more than creating semen and take the initiative when it comes to pleasure. If you are just guessing what she likes then there’s a good chance you’re getting it wrong. Ask her how she likes to be touched or have her show you….get it?

Mutual masturbation session, here we come…er…cum…

You can read and watch videos all you want, but unless your lady wrote the book or article you’re reading or is the instructor in the clit video, chances are she has her preferred ways of how she likes her clit stimulated.

Asking your lady for help on clitoral directions is NOT the same as asking for directions when your GPS fails, this is your chance to deepen the intimate connection between you as well as show your lady that you care about her pleasure…if you think oysters are an aphrodisiac, try having your lady tell or show you how she likes to be touched…..

It’s The Width, Not The Length 

Because the clit is so sensitive and the nerves around the vaginal opening are equally so. The real pleasure zone doesn’t lie in the depths, but rather at the surface or just inside. Why do you think she gasps as you first thrust inside her?

Because it feels FUCKING amazing! As your swollen head brushes those nerve tips at the entrance and the underside of the clit, it sends pure pleasure rippling through her body and she wants more of that.

It’s not the length of your penis that gives pleasure, but the girth as this is where the contact and friction between her extensive pleasure network and your love stick meet. Combined with clitoral stimulation, you’re going to drive her crazy and she won’t think about dick size at all.

Want to test the theory? OK, so the next time you are hard and ready and she is wet and waiting, don’t thrust in deep, slip in just beyond the opening, and slowly stimulate those nerves but rocking back and forth using your head to drive her crazy.

Ultimately any guy can just pound away with the same repetitive deep thrusts but that’s not going to impress her no matter how big you are. Vary your thrust lengths, speed and strength. Use different combinations of mouth, fingers and your dick and learn what really does it for her. This is how you become a great lover.


By now you should be feeling a lot better about your penis size than you were when you started reading. And so you should! But, in case you have any lingering doubts, here is one final test for you to knock this out of the park once and for all.

If you lady enjoys sex with you and has orgasms with you, moans and cums while you are fucking her and has that post-orgasm afterglow – your penis ain’t too small. If you feel she’s not enjoying it then ask her. Ask what she likes and improve your skills. It’s much more effective than wishing you had a bigger dick.

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