How do pornstars get hard and stay hard so long?

Did you watch porn and wonder how pornstars get hard and stay hard for so long without any problems? I’m going to share some secrets of what goes on behind the scenes on a porn set and explain the tricks and techniques we use to make sex look perfect every time. Some of them will help your sex life, some of them will just make you feel a lot better about your own performance.

Do you want to fuck like a pornstar? Then imagine going on a blind date early in the morning where you have to have sex whether you like her or not.

Now imagine there are bright lights and lots of people around to film the action. Someone to direct, makeup, cameras, etc. and everyone’s counting on you to get hard, stay hard and cum on cue so they can get onto their next job.

If you’re feeling stressed just thinking about it then you’re getting close to understanding the pressure male porn performers feel on set. Making porn is a huge mental exercise. Most people can’t do it and lots of guys have trouble on porn sets too, just we never show the problems in the video you watch.

Performance anxiety

Even pornstars suffer from performance anxiety. Sometimes you just have a bad day at the office and your dick doesn’t work. It’s not a big deal. If it happens to you in your personal life, don’t worry about it. It even happens to pornstars.

Maybe you had a fight with your girlfriend, or you’re worried about something in your life and it can affect your sex life. The same thing is true in porn.

The problem is if it happens too often in porn then you’re not going to get anymore work because you will get a bad reputation. Porn productions need guys to be reliable or shoots take more time or cost more money if he has to be replaced.


The porn industry is very small and everyone tends to know each other. When you do have some problems getting hard or keeping hard it definitely helps to have supportive people around that understand and don’t add to the pressure.

Just like in real life it helps if you have a supportive and understanding co-star and crew who will help you get through it. It’s about giving you the space you need to get your head together and get hard again.

Pre-shoot routine

Psychology is so important for doing a good porn shoot. It’s easy for something to throw you off your game so like an athlete most pornstars have a pre-shoot routine to make sure they’re in the right frame of mind.

Getting a good night’s sleep definitely helps, so does a healthy lifestyle or at least not partying the night before because no one does their best work with a stonking hangover.

Some guys may watch their favourite porn to get in the mood while they wait around or they may have something special they always eat or drink before a shoot, usually something with lots of caffeine.

Many guys will also use some sort of aid like viagra, one friend always has half a viagra before shooting as it just gives him the confidence to feel sure he can do it.

Does Viagra help?

If you have erectile dysfunction (ED) then Viagra or other treatments definitely help. On a porn set I’m not so sure it really helps at all. The pressure on a porn set is so intense that all the viagra in the world is not going to make you hard.

That said if you’re having a bad day it can definitely give you the extra edge you need to get through things, even if it just increases your confidence.

People in porn use ED drugs a lot. They use Viagra and it’s generic equivalents, Cialis which is similar to Viagra but lasts longer and even something called Horny Goat Weed which is a more natural remedy.

You should only take these drugs if you have ED, you shouldn’t use them recreationally or the way porn performers do because there are a lot of side effects.

One friend in the industry says that apart from the occasional overdose and permanent eye damage they are perfectly safe! ED drugs can even lead to erectile dysfunction as your body gets used to them so my advice is to only use these if you need them.

Caverject, Bimix and other ED injections

Erectile dysfunction injections like Caverject are the only guaranteed way of getting hard on a porn set. This drug was intended for disabled people that still wanted to have sex with their partners. Once people in porn got their hands on it, it changed the game as now even the floppiest guys can stay hard and do porn.

Directors like it because it makes guys so reliable, when people use Caverject they are always hard which means directors never waste any time waiting for male talent, it saves money because there are never any failed shoots.

Use of Caverject in porn is widespread. Almost all guys use it these days but the strange thing is very few will admit to using it. There’s a taboo around admitting to it as if it makes you less masculine or less good at your job if you do.

Everyone wants to be the old school porn guide that’s super horny and reliable with no extra help. The truth is that most people are injecting and doing tremendous long term damage to the health of their penises.

ED injections are an extreme option when it comes to getting hard. I don’t recommend it at all unless your doctor prescribes it. It’s getting more and more common for male pornstars to experience priapism or for their dick to stop working completely. At this point, their only option is to retire or to have a surgical penis implant that inflates their dick when they need it.

Do fluffers help?

I’ve been in the porn industry for 7 years and I never heard of a production using a fluffer – sex workers on set but off-camera whose job is to help the male talent stay hard.

I think they must be an urban myth or something created by Hollywood because it’s funny. At best they are something that existed in the porn industry’s early days when budgets were much bigger.

Sexual chemistry

If you ask any guy in porn they will tell you that the shoot is so much easier when you have great sexual chemistry with your co-star. But what about when you don’t?

When sexual chemistry is lacking it’s all about communication. Porn performers talk to each other about what they like and don’t like. It makes a big difference when you are both aware of what you need to make a good video. Just like in real life, good sex and good porn is 90 per cent just good communication.

After that it’s about keeping focused, keeping hot thoughts in your head and trying to keep distraction free. You have to try be in the moment and focus on that.

Soft serving

If you’re not injecting your dick then it’s natural you won’t be rock hard the entire time, guys will go a little softer from time to time. So long as you’re already inside many guys will be able to just continue.

It’s not an ideal situation and it definitely helps to get hard again pretty quickly but just because the guy goes a little soft, there’s no need to stop the scene. You can often get away with with soft serving for a while and a little editing will make everything look great.

I think it shows great commitment to the shoot to try to keep things going as long as possible.

Lasting longer

A lot of what I talked about is centred around getting hard and staying hard. That’s the most difficult part for a porn performer. But what about the opposite problem, getting over-excited and popping before the video is done?

Weirdly this is not such a big problem in porn but I have heard of some guys having this problem.

Personally, I think many people in porn have a medical condition called delayed ejaculation, it’s probably the only medical condition that’s also a useful career qualification!

For the rest of us it’s all about control, just as it is in your personal life. You should know your own body and when you are getting close. When you get close just slow down, let your mind get distracted with something non-sexual or even take a short break.

It really shouldn’t be too hard to stop yourself cumming too soon. Learn how your body and mind work and exercise some self-control and this part is easy.

How can you use this at home?

Now you know how things work on a porn set I hope you have a more realistic expectation of what you can do in the bedroom.

There are very few supermen out there that never have a bad day so if that happens to you sometimes, relax and remember that it happens to the pros too.

The lessons you should be taking from this for a healthier sex life are that you need a healthy mind and body, good communication with your partner and if you have problems downstairs, see a doctor, don’t take ED medication unless you really have to.

And if you’re reading this and you think you’d quite like to be a pornstar, make sure you check out my guide to everything you should think about before you start your porn career.

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