How to become more attractive

I recently did a podcast about how to become more attractive with British pornstar Lenina Crowne. Lenina and I both felt pretty damn ugly when we were younger and did something about it. So to complement the podcast I’m going to explain exactly how to become an attractive man.

The brutal truth is that life is just better if you’re attractive. People treat you differently. Everyone wants to talk to and be around attractive people. In fact, being attractive affects almost every aspect of your life.

Don’t believe me? Research backs this up like crazy. In studies, both children and adults have been shown to judge attractive people as more intelligent, helpful and trustworthy than unattractive people.

Very attractive people are less like to be involved in criminal activities and even get less punishment in the justice system.

On average an attractive man will earn over $230 000 more than an unattractive man in his lifetime. That means you don’t have to be an Instagram model for it to be worth investing in your looks.

If they weren’t reason enough to want to be more attractive, some studies have shown that mothers will have higher expectations of attractive children. And they will be more playful affectionate and attentive with attractive kids.

It’s just so insane how many perks there are to being attractive so if you feel unattractive, the time to start changing is now.

How to become more attractive according to science

Being more attractive isn’t just about changing how you actually look. There’s a lot more to it and all of the things in this section are scientifically proven to make you more attractive. Many of them are pretty easy too.

High Status


High-status men appear more attractive to women. The nicer your car, apartment, holidays and lifestyle appear, the more attractive you will look. That doesn’t mean you need to fake your life as that can be a huge turn-off for women too.

But you should think about presenting yourself in the best light in photos and raising your personal lifestyle standards (within a limit you can actually afford) if you want to be more attractive.

Don’t shave too much


Having a light beard is a good way to appear more attractive to women. In one study having some stubble was the most attractive facial hairstyle for men. The reason is that facial hair is associated with masculinity.

Pro tip: if you have a weak chin you should definitely grow a beard to hide this.


Having more muscles is a good way to get laid. If you spend any time with bodybuilders then you will see how easy it is for them to pick up girls. many girls even approach them!

But if you take this approach you should also note that guys with less muscle are seen as better long term partners. The best approach is to take a healthy and balanced approach to muscle and fitness. Don’t go nuts.



Several studies have shown that being kind makes you more attractive. It should be a no brainer and easy to do but being genuinely kind doesn’t come naturally to many people. Often people expect something in return for their perceived kindness.

Just be good. Help people. Be nice to everyone you meet and as if by magic people will start seeing you as more attractive.

Wear red


Personally, I wouldn’t do this and I find it hard to believe it works but science doesn’t lie! A study involving several different countries including the US, England, Germany and China found that men who wear red are more attractive.

I don’t know if it’s the colour itself or the display of confidence from wearing such a bold colour that makes you more attractive to girls. All I know is it works.

Have a sense of humour


In studies women really value their partner’s sense of humour. If you can make your partner laugh you are halfway there already.

The problem is not everyone is funny or has a well-developed sense of humour. If you need to develop this side of your character try hanging out with funny people more or watching some great standup or comedy series. Try to take yourself and life less seriously. That always helps too.

Get a dog

Getting a dog shows you’re capable of nurturing and long term commitments. Traits that are very attractive to women and studies have shown men with dogs to be more appealing.

It also gives women who like you a handy excuse to make conversation so get down to the local dog shelter now!

Stop stressing

It will be obvious to most people but no one is attracted to a highly stressed, sensitive person. Try to learn better ways of dealing with stress. Try meditation and not taking life so seriously.

Studies show that less stressed people are more attractive.

Style & Grooming

Grooming is a huge part of physical attractiveness. It’s a diverse area but many studies show that how you dress, groom and smell make a big difference to your attractiveness.

Being clean and smelling nice is a bare minimum for being attractive. You should also think about skincare as healthy skin is a key measure of attractiveness.

And then it’s all about your clothes and style. You don’t need to be a fashion blogger to dress well. But your clothes will indicate your status and say a lot about the kind of person you are.

If you just wear anything it’s gonna be hard to be attractive unless you have a natural instinct for what looks good on you. At the very least you need to learn what fits your body type and learn to match colours.

There are tutorials online on how to wear almost any clothing item so watch these and try things on before you buy them. Even better, take a female friend or family member shopping with you and don’t buy anything you don’t like.

And just because you buy something, it doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Don’t be afraid of returning items you have second thoughts about. If it feels wrong, it probably is.

Final thoughts on attractiveness

None of the scientifically proven ways of being more attractive will change your life alone. It’s more of a gradual thing where lots of small improvements add up to a huge change over time.

The reason, I believe, is personal confidence. As you invest time, effort and money in yourself you will learn to love yourself. It takes a long time but you will start to feel more confident and radiate more and more good energy to others. People will want to be around you more.

Ultimately, it’s confidence that’s the most attractive thing of all, so do whatever you need to do to get there.

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