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How to cum faster? Most men want to know how to last longer! But as there is premature ejaculation, there is also delayed ejaculation, which means that some men take a long time to cum or find it hard to cum at all, to the point of detriment to their sex life.

There are several ways to cum faster. They include less masturbation, using or restricting the use of drugs and alcohol, prostate stimulation during sex, trying different positions, trying dirty talk, edging, or possibly even medical assistance or therapy to reduce anxiety and fatigue.

Being able to control when you cum can add a level of excitement to your sex life, especially when you are both horny and need the satisfaction of a quickie or that intense simultaneous orgasm! So let’s look at the ways to cum faster and some of the causes behind delayed ejaculation.

What Is Delayed Ejaculation

The definition of delayed ejaculation is where a man requires 30 minutes or longer to cum during sex or masturbation. 

While this may sound good at the offset, the average and ideal time frame for sex are about 7-15 minutes, and longer than that can cause your partner’s vagina to dry out, and sex becomes uncomfortable and even painful.

Most women will not enjoy you banging away for half an hour, and you may end up faking it to end your collective misery. Not only that, but 30 minutes of thrusting is akin to a cardio workout, and you’ll probably become exhausted before you can climax anyway!

While she may endure it for your sake, the reality is that it will start to become problematic and can also have a negative effect on your sexual performance and confidence after a while.

You may argue that in porn, male stars can fuck for that time or longer, but you need to remember that porn sex is not real, and those actors are usually using powerful drugs to help them get and stay hard.

Medical Causes For Delayed Ejaculation

Surveys indicate that delayed ejaculation affects about 12% of men. There can be medical causes for this, such as prostate surgery, urinary tract infections, prescribed meds for high blood pressure, anti-depressants, diuretics, and some anti-seizure medications.

There could be nerve damage in the pelvis, neurological disorders like stroke or spinal cord damage, and low thyroid or testosterone levels.

You would be a aware of a sudden or gradual decrease in performance for medical conditions like those above after starting to use prescribed meds. You should consult your doctor if it becomes a problem in your relationship.

Fortunately, most causes of delayed ejaculation are not medically related and can be resolved with better and far more enjoyable solutions.

Drugs And Alcohol 

Aside from medical causes, several lifestyle-related factors can cause men’s delayed ejaculation (DE). 

Drugs like cocaine, crystal meth, and similar amphetamine-based substances can cause the ejaculation ability to become impaired, especially with chronic use. Prescribed medications like those used to control high blood pressure may also contribute to DE, and alcohol use is a well-known influence on men’s ability to cum.

Alcohol and drugs desensitize the tissues in the penis, reducing the sensations during sex and effectively numbing or vastly decreasing sexual response in men. While many men enjoy a drink, if you find you are drinking excessively and then unable to perform, it’s time to cut back a little and see if that helps. 

A glass or two of red wine with dinner or a good scotch isn’t going to do any damage, but a bottle of either will affect the blood flow and sensitivity, making it more difficult to climax with your partner or at all.

Less Masturbation Can Make You Cum Faster

Yep, sorry to say it, but playing solo too much can affect your ability cum faster as your body takes longer to restore itself after orgasm on your own. So, if you know, you will have sex later in the day, abstain or reduce your solo play session and save it for her.

She will certainly appreciate it more than your hand would, and here’s another tip that can get you cumming faster and more explosively than before, called edging.

How Edging Can Make You Cum Faster 

Well known in the gay community, edging is a way of masturbating but stopping before you cum and delaying the orgasm as long as you can. In BDSM play, this is used as a form of torture, and the subject is eventually rewarded with orgasm, which is intensely explosive, to say the least!

So, here’s how you do it. Wherever you are playing and whatever stimulus you use to get aroused, instead of jerking off until you cum, wait till you feel your orgasm approaching, and then stop!

Clench your PC muscles ( the same ones you use to stop pee flowing or releasing gas) and hold it until the sensation passes. If you need to play solo again during the day, do the same again.

This builds up your sexual energy, and you can unleash it all with her later and give her a more intense experience together. You will also find your cumshot will be that much more too!

Set The Scene And Stimulate Each Other Before Sex To Cum Faster 

These days, we can use the technology we have to create an exciting sense of expectation before the actual event, which can significantly assist in enhancing the sex between you and your partner.

Sexting, sending provocative messages, telling her how much you want to and how hard you’re going to fuck her. In contrast, she sends the same of how much she likes you and looking forward to having your hard cock inside her adds energy and increases the sense of anticipation.

By the time you have ripped each other’s clothes off, the energy will be so high that you may not even last 5 minutes before cumming. 

In this same vein is the idea of roleplay, where she dresses up in a sexy outfit, maybe underwear that you like or a nurse’s uniform, and you get to have some fantasy play which adds a little extra spice to the bedroom.

Cum Faster By Getting More Aroused 

Men are visually stimulated, and when the blood flow in the penis and surrounding tissues is more vigorous, this can lead to a faster and more intense orgasm. Watching porn, which you enjoy either together or alone, will get you aroused and ready.

Enjoy some mental stimulation as your bigger head (the one above your neck) plays a significant role in your smaller head ( the one between your legs).

Indulging in your favourite sexual fantasy thoughts or watching erotic movies, reading erotic stories or magazines can all work to increase arousal before sex and help you cum faster.

Using Lube Can Make You Cum Faster

As the saying goes, you can never really have enough lube, and where you want to cum faster, adding more lube or using it can certainly make that happen! 

Being jerked off by a skilled well-lubricated hand will drive most men to cum. Adding lube into her vagina or anus increases the sensitivity and sensations going through your penis and her body.

Because using lube boosts the pleasurable sensations for a woman, she may start to moan louder and more intensely, which could drive your intensity up and make your orgasm happen quicker and even a few moans from you too!

Using Sex Toys Can Help You Cum Faster

Cockrings, prostate stimulators, vibrators, and sleeve masturbators are all toys explicitly designed to enhance stimulation of the balls and penis. Whether with or with your partner, using these can all increase pleasure and speed up your orgasm.

Suppose you have the type of relationship where you have good communication. In that case, you can certainly talk about incorporating toys like this into your sex play, and many of them will work to stimulate her clitoris and labia, making it more pleasurable.

When it comes to prostate stimulation and anal play for men, we need to put our big boy pants on and understand that heterosexual men looking at ways to increase their pleasure through anal play does not make you gay.

Faster Orgasm And Greater Pleasure With Prostate Play

Pleasure is pleasure, and ass play is fun and, if done the right way, can give you back-bending orgasms like you have never experienced before and shoot cum like a porn star!

Your prostate is the male equivalent of the female G-Spot and is located in your ass about 2-3 inches from the entrance. If you haven’t explored this body aspect before – what the hell are you waiting for?

Milking the prostate is where you or your partner inserts a finger and slowly stimulates the prostate gland using a ‘come here’ type motion with the finger. The sensations experienced build up into an intense orgasm and ejaculation, and she can even do this while you are inside her.

Your partner may well be willing to do this with you, and there is no shame associated with this type of stimulation. Not only that, but prostate play done properly can be very healthy in reducing the onset of BPH – Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, urinary infections, and prostate cancer. 

The prostate slowly enlarges with age, leading to a more frequent need for urination and some contribution to erectile dysfunction! So if having your lady stick her finger in your ass or use a butt plug or similar prostate stimulator to give you mind-bending orgasms and keep your pleasure organs healthier for longer – go for it!

She can also grab your ass and pull you closer during sex, especially if she is really into it and is going to cum hard and take you along with her!

Changing Sex Positions Can Help You Cum Faster 

If your sex routine is well. . . routine, changing it up can help you get more aroused and cum faster. Experiment with different positions and learn what makes you cum faster. For most men, doggy-style tends to make them cum fast as penetration is deep, it’s a visual treat and it’s not physically tiring.

For me personally, I find any position with deep penetration makes me cum faster but learn what gets you there.

Use Dirty Talk To Boost Arousal 

Saying dirty things to each other during sex can increase both partners’ arousal levels, and if you haven’t tried this during passionate sex, then perhaps it’s time! Hearing your lady scream out things like ‘fuck me like an animal’ or ‘I’m gonna cum so hard on your cock’ can drive your climax faster.

It works particularly well when incorporated into some kind of role-play or mild BDSM activities.

Open Communication To Cum Faster 

While this may sound like some psycho-babble, communication is the key to a great sex life and addressing and resolving any issues. Talking openly to your partner about your pleasures and what you like and want to try with her can unlock a new level of intense and deeply satisfying experiences.

Maybe you have a kinky side; perhaps she does and having hot chats about these topics can get your both in the mood quite quickly and create a new steamy atmosphere in your relationship.

Being able to express what gives you pleasure and exploring that with her is tremendously empowering. It is a powerful tool to deal with any issues in your relationship and create a deeper and more fulfilling connection.

Be Healthy To Cum Faster 

Drinking plenty of water, eating correctly, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep result in a healthy balanced body, and that means that you shouldn’t struggle with cumming hard and fast when and how you want to! 


Delayed ejaculation is not a death sentence for your sex life. Still, it is often the result of poor lifestyle habits and routine in the bedroom, which is relatively easy and fun to remedy! 

If you do suffer from DE, now you have the tools and ideas on ways to fix it, so be courageous – grab your girl and head to the bedroom armed with new ideas! Try new things, talk about your pleasure, enjoy your play, and before you know it, you’ll be playing like a porn star, and she will love you for it!


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