How to eat ass like a pro in 10 steps

How to eat ass

Historically, anilingus was a taboo sex move, but it is gaining popularity. According to one survey, experimenting with anal play brings more satisfaction in the bedroom. So if you’re ready, then it’s time to put your tongue to work and explore the world of rimming.

When I was younger, I knew nothing about eating ass. When I first discovered it – in porn, of course – I honestly found it a bit gay. I was very young, and I guess, insecure too!

But then, one day, an old girlfriend decided to go further down while giving me some head. I was taken aback by surprise, and low-key, I enjoyed it. And now, like most people, I love it!

But, of course, if my partner also enjoys rimming, then I’d have to return the favour. This utterly grossed me out at first. It’s a bit like when you get your first ever blowjob, and the thought of tasting a pussy sounds disgusting. But then, when you experience how good it feels to give pleasure, you genuinely enjoy it.

It was the same with rimming. After watching her enjoy me eating her ass so much, I was hooked and became pretty skilled at the art of rimming. So now I’m ready to share a few secrets with you on this sexual taboo.

Start by watching porn

It’s a good idea to start watching some ass-eating porn to help give you an idea of how to do it. Porn gets a bad rep, but if you have been a frequent listener of my How To Be A Pornstar podcast, you know by now, you can learn a lot from watching porn.

Porn is particularly great for getting comfortable with sexual ideas and exploring them before you’re ready to try them.

Talk to you partner about rimming

It’s also important you talk to your partner about rimming. The ass is a private space, maybe the most private space and she might not be comfortable with you randomly attacking it with your tongue.

Particularly if she’s had bad experiences with anal sex or anal play in the past, in this case, you could provoke a response that kills the sexual mood.

Suppose you’re embarrassed to bring it up. Don’t be. You should both be able to discuss sex with each other without being judged. You will have much better sex if communication is open and free.

Talk about eating ass from both perspectives. Discuss why it’s hot, why it’s gross. Definitely explain the science of why it feels good. There are many nerve endings in the anus, and it doesn’t get touched very often, making it extra sensitive.

Once you’re ready to try eating ass, it’s time to. . .

Get your partner ready for the rimming

To start, let’s make such your partner is clean before you decide to go exploring their asshole. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner to shower or bathe before you have sex. You can do this politely simply by saying, “Hey hun, take a shower real quick so we can have some fun.\”

Cleanliness is paramount when it comes to butt stuff. There’s a reason we flush everything down the toilet and keep it far away from our mouths. Faecal matter contains a lot of bacteria, and you don’t want to give yourself food poisoning during sex when a quick shower would prevent it.

Pro tip: for an extra clean rimming experience, you should eat her ass in the shower. This is particularly good if it’s your first time doing it and you need help getting over the mental gross-out.

Start slow and then get freaky

Girls generally need more foreplay than guys to have the best sexual experience. And you should also keep that in mind with rimming. Even though you might like it if a girl just dived right into your ass with her tongue, most girls are not gonna like that.

Foreplay is essential! According to research, foreplay should last between 18-19 minutes before going into the sexual act.

If you need foreplay ideas, why not get some oil and give her an intimate massage. Plus, the oil is a good way to put that extra psychological barrier between your tongue and her ass.

Kiss her gently and rub her body with some oil. Once she is ready, move to her butt and massage there. Gently caress her ass cheeks and cup them in your hands to lightly squeeze them.

Follow this by tracing your fingertip along the area between her butts and her thighs. After that, start to kiss and lick all around her cheeks. Take this time to tease your partner as you get her ready, and once she is, begin to lick her asshole gently.

What are the best positions to eat ass

The missionary position is not the only position for rimming. In fact, it’s rather awkward. You should try other positions too. Remember to make sure you and your partner are comfortable in whichever position you use. The act of rimming will be less exciting if one of you doesn’t like the position.


A favourite of everyone and the perfect position for eating ass. Doggystyle is the ideal position for rimming because it positions the anus up top, so it’s easy to access. 

You can make it easier by having her bend over on the sofa or the bed, putting her ass at head height if you kneel on the floor.


A form of missionary but just with your partner’s legs spread wide open or behind their head. It can still be awkward to reach her ass with your tongue, so if your neck begins to get tired while eating ass, prop her pelvis up with a pillow to tilt their butt up higher.

Face sitting

An excellent way to bring some excitement into the bedroom along with ass eating, try the face sitting position. Use a pillow under your head for comfort, and let your partner climb onto your face. You can start by giving cunnilingus and make your way into analingus within this position.

Protip: Have her face towards your toes to get the best access to her ass in this position.

What are some tongue techniques for rimming

If you already watch ass-eating porn, you might have seen how skilful the guy was with his tongue. Study the art of analingus because there’s more to it than spreading the butt cheeks and doing a little licking.

You have to become creative and use your tongue in a way you never have before. The anus has many nerve endings around it that fills up with blood when your partner is aroused. When eating ass, try using these tongue tricks below to make your partner’s head spin with pleasure:

  • Use your tongue to create a circular motion around the anus
  • If you have a beard, use it to tickle the anus and come back up with your tongue 
  • Use a vibrating sex toy while licking the anus
  • Experiment with your tongue in speed, direction, and pressure
  • Make your tongue flat against the anus
  • If you’re not squeamish and if your partner has prepped for anal sex you could try this: Spit onto the opening of the anus and stick your tongue inside of it

Talk to your partner while eating ass

Here’s a secret: Many people love dirty talking while having sex, especially women. So don’t just do your thing in silence. If you’re a shy person, then be prepared with a few basic compliments while you get used to talking during sex. Try these during foreplay:

  • You’re so sexy, and I love seeing you naked 
  • What do you want me to do to you?
  • I love how wet you get for me

And when it’s time to eat ass, you can try these:

  • I love your ass; let me kiss all over it. I reccomend complimenting her ass if she’s presenting it to you. Getting into position for rimming can leave your girl feeling a bit exposed if she’s not used to it.
  • You’re so good at bouncing your ass on my face
  • I’m going to bend you over and lick all around your asshole 

Pro tip: When talking dirty to your partner, be sure to use the right tone of voice. Using a dry and dull voice will turn your partner off. The right voice to use is deep, strong, and in control. Even if you’re not a confident person in general, be assertive in the bedroom, and you will see how differently your partner responds to you.

Make noise while eating ass

As with men, women love to hear a man moan during sex. In a thread on Reddit, women get turn on when their men moan during the act and wish they would do it more.

So, when a guy is eating ass, he needs to moan loud enough for his woman to hear. The act of moaning will turn her on, and be ready to explore a new sex act with you.

Protip: Don’t be weird with the moaning and make strange noises during sex. Loud and creepy moaning is another sex act that will turn your partner entirely off. Make sure your moans are romantic, low but loud enough to hear, and sexy.

Be open to trying rimming lube

Yes, there is rimming lube for those into anal play and needing a little more wetness. These lubes are water-based since silicone lube doesn’t break down in water or spit. You don’t want that in your mouth. 

The lubes also tend to come in flavours to help the giver get over the psychological gross-out factor. You’re less worried about accidentally ingesting some faecal matter when all you can taste is some cherry cola or strawberry rimming lube.

Careful with your teeth

While rimming, don’t stick your teeth into the anus unless your partner specifically asks for it. Almost no one wants to feel teeth in that area. Remember, the anus has sensitive nerve endings there, so if you use teeth, be gentle with them.

Yes, you should bite your partner’s ass gently with your teeth. Biting provides a contrasting sensation to licks and kisses. But be careful not to overdo it. The goal of biting your partner anywhere is to stimulate her senses in a pleasurable way, not to inflict genuine pain.

But a bite or a slap on the ass cheeks can help keep things interesting and surprising for her. Just be aware of her limits and start gently and communicate if you’re unsure.

Can you catch STIs from eating ass?

Of course, there’re health risks when it comes to analingus. If you’re going to be eating ass, it is vital to know the risks that come with it.

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, then you shouldn’t have any worries. Unless they’re cheating on you but let’s assume they’re not. If you’re single and doing this randomly, then keep in mind it is easy to contract a sexually transmitted disease from the act.

You put yourself at greater risk of catching gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis or HPV from licking the anus. So, to be on the safe side, save the eating ass with someone you trust.

Pro tip: Remember to ask your partner to take a shower before the act. While it won’t prevent you from catching STIs, it will protect you from nasty viruses, parasites, and bacteria living in your partner’s gut. Plus, you don’t want to be eating ass, and toilet paper ends up being in your mouth.

Bonus pro tip: live like Italians and install a bidet. It’s a much cleaner way to live. No, toilet paper alone does not make your ass clean. Washing your ass thoroughly with a bidet is much more hygienic, plus you will always be ready for rimming!

More sex tips

Having read the guide on eating ass, it’s time to put these tips into action. Tell me in the comments how it goes for you, and feel free to share your own tips on rimming.

Are you ready for some more sex advice? Head on over to the next blog post, where you can discover how to have great angry sex. As you know, angry sex can be full of passion and excitement, but it might come with a price. Remember, emotions are high during sex and when upset, so the combination of these two can be deadly.

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