How to have great angry sex

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Maybe you’ve been here before, or you’ve fantasised about it. You and your partner are in the middle of a heated argument, and as you watch your partner’s eyes blazing with anger, you feel something building up inside of you, and it isn’t anger. It’s something else. You’re turned on, and at that moment, you want to forget all about the points you’ve been trying to make. What you want is to throw your partner down on the table and have angry sex.

I get it. Angry sex can be passionate, intense, and exciting. But at the same time, you need to be careful.

There are certain issues to watch out for when it comes to having angry sex, such as consent, respecting your partner and your own emotions, and keeping your relationship healthy.

And, of course—enjoying the passionate sex as much as you can.

That’s why I’ve put together this guide. In it, you’ll learn everything you need to about how to have and angry fuck.

Finally, you and your partner can enjoy angry sex, safely and respectfully, reconnecting and living out your fantasies. Read on to learn more.

Why does angry sex turn you on?

One of the big reasons why angry sex is such a turn-on is because it’s such intense sex. But what, exactly, makes it so intense? One reason is that anger can actually function as an aphrodisiac. It increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

It gets your blood pumping, it makes your heart race. But not only that. Anger also increases the testosterone levels in your body. Testosterone directly links to sexual arousal, so it’s no surprise that it’s such passionate sex.

Anger also makes us want to be closer to the person we’re angry with.

If you’ve ever ended up having angry sex with someone you weren’t even with, but you were mad with them before the sex happened, this is the psychological explanation for that.

Finally, depending on how you and your partner interact, you might feel like the best way to bridge your differences, or to express your love during a difficult time, is to have angry sex.

Is it healthy?

Depending on the situation, angry sex can be healthy. If you and your partner are really struggling to connect during an argument, this can be a way to express some of your emotions, some of your love, without getting embroiled in a messy fight.

Additionally, having angry fucking could help you both feel closer and more intimate.

After you’ve had sex, the positive psychological effects of sex would cause you both to be able to reconnect and discuss the issue you were arguing about.

Can it be unhealthy?

However, angry sex can be unhealthy. If you and your partner are always using it to resolve your issues, you’re actually using it as an avoidance tactic. Over time, this will mean that you understand each other less and could lead to relationship issues.

Even worse, if your relationship is toxic in any way, angry fucking could feed into the toxicity. Even though it might feel good, it actually isn’t good for you. If you’re worried you’re in a toxic relationship, look at signs you might be.

It’s also important to note that angry sex can also be a problem if you have issues with anger.

Angry sex is not a replacement for anger management issues. If this is something you struggle with, you should speak with a licensed professional about these issues.

The last thing you want is for your angry sex to turn violent. You could end up hurting your partner, physically and emotionally, damaging your relationship forever, and facing legal and emotional repercussions for your behaviour.

What’s the difference between domination and angry sex?

If you truly want to dominate your partner, by controlling them either emotionally or physically, then this is a problem. In this case, it’s best to see a professional about this need, and you should have a serious conversation with your partner about it.

However, there’s another type of domination—sexual domination. When you engage in sexual domination, you’re dominating your partner in the bedroom while they’re submitting.

This is a kind of role-play situation that both you and your partner should agree to in the first place.

Note that domination and angry sex are different. When you’re having angry sex, you’re releasing your emotions while having sex with your partner—and chances are, they are, too.

Domination is not inherently part of angry sex. It’s a way of creating a dynamic in the bedroom.

Note too that domination doesn’t mean that the person dominating gets to choose the parameters of sex, such as how often sex happens or what type of sex occurs.

What about makeup sex?

Makeup sex is similar to angry sex in that you’re expressing powerful emotions sexually. When you experience both together they could help bring you both back together and reinforce your bond.

How to go about it

All this said, angry fucking can have many benefits, such as reconnection, fun, and, of course, a passionate sexual experience. So if you think you and your partner can have healthy angry sex, you need to know how to go about it. Here’s how.

Have consensual sex

The importance of consent is always part of any sexual experience, but when it comes to angry sex, it’s even more important. When we engage in angry sex, it’s easy to get carried away because of the intense emotions going through our hearts and minds.

But you need to take the steps necessary to get consent.

Whether it’s your partner you’ve had sex with before or someone you have a one-night stand with, or anything in between, you need to make sure that they’re consenting to sex.

You also want to agree on what the sex you have means to each person. Finally, because angry sex can be quite intense and lines can be blurred, it’s important to agree beforehand on what is and isn’t okay.

How to talk about it with your partner

In addition to getting consent, it’s smart to talk about angry sex with your partner. If you both agree to engage in certain acts during the angry sex, you’ll be respecting each other during this passionate moment. You also should agree to discuss any residual issues later on.

This can help you avoid getting trapped in a cycle where you have sex to avoid discussing any disagreements or problems.

Additionally, after you’ve had angry sex, ask your partner what they enjoyed. This way, you can be sure to please them the next time you have an angry fuck.

The best ways to have angry sex

Finally…you’re ready to have angry sex. So make sure your parents aren’t suddenly popping by, place any delicate vases or teacups elsewhere so they’re not in the way, and remember that, even though you’re angry, you love your partner. Now, follow these tips.

Tap into your anger

That rush of anger that’s making you feel intense and nearly out of control? Use it. Listen to your body, to the fast beating of your heart and how sexy your partner looks when they’re enraged. Then, make a move, and stay in touch with your animalistic nature as you have sex.

Be assertive—but also coy

One of the sexiest things about angry fucking is the emotional power behind it. So play around with these emotions to lead your actions. Be assertive but not too overpowering as you approach your partner.

Another option is to be coy and slow so that the anger simmers before it takes over, like water coming to a boil.

Don’t bring up your fight—and communicate after

If you’re in the middle of angry sex, it’s not a good idea to bring up your fight mid-fuck. Not only can this be a turn-off, but it could also be hurtful to your partner. This said you don’t want to use sex as a way to avoid speaking about your problems.

After you’ve had sex, find a way to delicately bring up the argument you’ve had, opening up communications so you and your partner can be even closer.

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