How to make a girl squirt?

Female ejaculation or squirting is seen as the ultimate female orgasm so how do you make a girl squirt?

This is the question everyone wants to know the answer to. It’s an art form in itself and squirting isn’t easy. Not every woman can squirt but those who can claim that it feels amazing when they release the urge.

Being able to make a woman squirt however is a technique in its’ own right that needs a lot of practice to get right.

What is squirting?

Squirting is a kind of orgasm that some girls can have. The idea is that when you stimulate a girls’ G-spot, you can push her to the point of actually ejaculating. This is known as squirting.

It’s less of a pointed squirt so much as a gushing motion and while porn would let you think that it will soak the whole bed, it isn’t necessarily accurate.

That being said, if you are trying to make a girl squirt, having some towels to hand is useful. Or alternatively you could get frisky on top of some waterproof bedsheets. Or shake it up even further and get frisky in the bathroom itself.

Whichever way you do it, when trying to make a girl squirt, be prepared for things to get wet and think of clean up in advance.

The actual fluid that girls squirt is a combination of urea, uric acid, ejaculation fluid, and creatinine. It isn’t pee. It’s actually a fluid which builds up in the bladder and is released at the high point of sex.

It is a genuine kind of orgasm. But it’s not the easiest one to achieve. One main challenge is in locating the G-spot and stimulating it enough to trigger an orgasm.

While also allowing your partner to be relaxed enough to orgasm and more so to squirt altogether.

Make her relax with amazing foreplay

Help your girl to relax. Foreplay, kissing and relaxing together will help you prepare for making a girl squirt. As stage one of how to make a girl squirt, set the mood.

Remember all of the erogenous zones, mouth, neck, nipples and breasts, vagina, ass and feet. I include feet much to the delight of any foot fetishists but more so because it’s sensitive and sensual for many women to have their feet massaged while having attention paid to their lower legs.

You want to make your girl feel like the sexiest woman alive. Tell her how much you desire her, how beautiful she is and how sexy you find her. Focus on everything about her which you find attractive and aim to give her pleasure.

Kissing is a good place to start, a well placed kiss should arouse a girl and be pleasurable in its’ own right. Think of it as a handshake before the foreplay begins. Kiss her gently, then deepen the kiss to the point of including tongues.

Now don’t create a tongue washing machine, you want there to be an exchange of each of you taking turns as you kiss. Not one person dominating over the other. Kiss passionately and as you do, use your hands to good effect.

Breasts are sensitive and are an erogenous zone in their own right. Start off by stroking the sides of your partners’ ribcage and just brushing against her breasts. Then deliberately stroke the edges of her breasts with your fingers before moving to cupping her whole breasts.

Gently squeeze and move your hands in a circular motion, massaging the breast. Her nipples should react to this stimulation and begin to get erect, take this as your cue to gently touch them and in turn, kiss or suck them as she gets aroused.

Keep going

Nipples are sensitive so be careful with what you do to them. Kissing over her breasts and alternating between kissing and licking the nipples is a good idea though. If you have toys, you could put a small vibrator against her nipple while licking the other side.

Follow your partner’s cues to find out what she enjoys and what to steer clear of. Never squeeze hard though unless of course she likes it rougher.

Of course there’s giving her pleasure and foreplay aside from the breasts. Now while I recommend kissing down, your hands are free while your mouth is engaged upstairs. Be gentle when you start and use lube as mentioned below to warm your girl up for foreplay.

Obviously you should check that your partner is keen for you to move onto this kind of foreplay before you do it. But if you’re determined to make your girl squirt, foreplay is key.

Whether it’s using your hands or oral, you want to make her relaxed and experience pleasure. What you also want to do, is find her G-spot to trigger the magic of squirting.

How to make a girl squirt?

Patience, pleasure and determination. Plus finding her G-spot. Now the location of a woman’s G-spot is on the wall of her vagina towards her stomach, it feels rough and should be intense for the girl when you touch it.

It’s about 0.5 to 2 inches in from the entrance. You may need to curl your fingers to reach it but also talk to your partner to let her help guide you to the magic button.

Lube. Lube is your friend when it comes to making a girl squirt. Invest in some water based lube and apply it liberally to your fingers and the entrance of her vagina. You don’t want to create friction on the sensitive areas of her labia, instead aim to slide inside her with a fluid motion.

Start by gently fingering her and pleasuring her internally. Then turn your attention to her G-spot to tap, stroke and pad against it.

Communicate with your partner about what feels good for her and don’t be afraid to ask for direction if you need it.

Focus on the G-spot

Having aroused her to the point of internal pleasure, focus on her G-spot and stimulate it in whatever way feels best for her. Some girls like it deep and hard, others will prefer it more slowly and softer.

Either way, listen to what she says and the sounds she makes to gauge what she enjoys. If she says she feels like she needs to pee, this can be a sign that she’s ready to squirt.

The key here is to make sure she’s relaxed enough to let go. Make sure she knows this is a normal feeling and not to worry. Unless she wants to take a break, now is the time increase the intensity on her G-spot and she should squirt.

While you try to make a girl squirt, don’t neglect her clit – this is also a powerhouse of pleasure. You can easily pleasure her clit with oral or using toys while you use other the other techniques on her G-spot.

How to make a girl squirt during sex?

When it comes to making a girl squirt while having sex, positions such as cowgirl, doggy and spoons will favour placing you against her G-spot and can give her the advantage of taking control with positioning.

It’s much more difficult to squirt during sex. While these positions will help, generally it will happen when sex is extremely emotional and she’s relaxed enough to let go.

Knowing how to make a girl squirt isn’t an exact science so while advice can help, ultimately it’s a case of practicing until you get it right.

But don’t put either of you under pressure to squirt as it needs a relaxed atmosphere to achieve it.

Also just because a girl squirts with one partner or one time doesn’t mean that she’ll be able to squirt again. Focus on pleasure and see squirting as a bonus. But remember your towel just incase!

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