How to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face

How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face
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A lot of people want to sell nudes or porn on OnlyFans but don’t want to be recognised, with that in mind I’m gonna show you exactly how to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

When I tell people I work in the porn industry I’m amazed how many people say they would love to do porn but want to hide their face. I always felt this was a paradox as to do porn you should want to show your face.

Doing porn or nude modelling is at least partially about fame and attention. About being rebellious, a provocateur.

Plus whenever I tried making porn with a girl wearing a mask or hiding her face I always lost out. So when asked my response was always no face; no money.

But along came OnlyFans and it seems that apparently, you can hide your face and still make lots of money. I personally know people that make up to $30 000 per month and I’ve heard of models making over $50 000.

The rewards are so high that I would expect there to be a lot of people that show their face online who are now regretting it. So before we get into how to make money, it’s worth going over the pros and cons of not showing your face on OnlyFans.

Benefits of not showing your face

The big appeal of not showing your face OnlyFans is obviously anonymity. You can continue with your usual life and job and be reasonably confident people won’t find out.

It also means you won’t regret this line of work later in life when you have children or discover god let’s say. No one will stumble upon your nasty material with your bright beaming smile.

Let’s also be realistic. If mask mandates have taught us anything it’s that there are a lot more people out there with hot bodies than hot faces. For many, it’s best to leave the face to the imagination, at least until you made enough to pay for some surgery or learned some badass makeup skills.

There are more benefits too. If you’ve already maxed out your OnlyFans you can create a second OnlyFans account with a different niche, story and style.

A no-face OnlyFans is also a good way of testing the waters before committing to it fully or even as part of a marketing strategy to a big reveal and cash in later once you’ve built your fan base.

Problems with a no-face OnlyFans account

It all sounds great so far so why would anyone show their face if you can make all this money without it?

The reason is it’s much harder to make money if you don’t show your face. If you start a no-face account you are starting from zero. You can’t leverage your existing social media followers for example.

Plus there’s a lot more competition as almost anyone can have an amazing body and way more people are willing to make smut with their face hidden. To get a great body you only have to hit the gym and eat healthy whereas making a face more attractive is much harder.

The cliche is that men only care about the body but that’s just not the case. There are 42 individual muscles in the face that can convey a huge range of emotions and our brains are so hard-wired to recognise everything that happens on a face. If you’re not showing your face it’s extremely hard to communicate anything. It’s hard to show your personality and win people over.

If you don’t show your face every other aspect of your business has to be so much more consistent and well thought out if you want to make money. That’s everything from your niche, your story, personality, style, modelling, photography and editing, promotion, everything. It’s a lot more work.

How to be anonymous on OnlyFans

Like a lot of porn and webcam companies, OnlyFans has some features to help give you some privacy while you’re using the platform. And there are many steps you can take to hide your identity with some being better than others.

At first, it seems pretty easy to stay anonymous on OnlyFans. But the more you think about it, the more complicated it gets and you realise there are different levels of anonymity. I’ve tried to describe all the ways you could hide your identity short of having a fake ID and breaking the law!

Ultimately, you choose the level of anonymity and risk of exposure that you are comfortable with.

Your name

It might seem a bit obvious but of course, you need a stage name. But that’s about more than creating a new stage name. First, you should create a new email address with your stage name. You will need this to make accounts on social media and OnlyFans, even with payment providers like Paxum.

If you use an email address with your real name or an email address that you use with friends, family or work then you are asking for trouble. I cannot think of a single website that hasn’t experienced a major hack or data leak. And let’s be honest, porn companies have the worst reputation when it comes to security and privacy.

You should also think about getting a second phone number too. Your phone number is a key piece of personal information that can identify you. So think about using one you don’t use for friends and family.

Your face

Photo: Twitter @LeoLuluxxx

Hiding your face is the most important part of being a no-face OnlyFans model. It’s actually pretty easy to do. Most people simply hide their eyes as, without this baseline, it’s almost impossible for someone to recognise you.

The brain recognises faces with an alarming degree of accuracy using the distance between the eyes, nose and mouth but without the eyes, it’s really hard.

There are many ways you can do this from wearing masks, blindfolds, oversized sunglasses, cropping out of the picture or video, even pixelation or blurring an image.

If you do blur or pixelate an image just remember that you need to obscure it quite a lot because the brain has an uncanny ability to reassemble these if the person is familiar to them.

To be the safest you should hide your entire face but for the best results, you should show as much of your face as you dare so you can emote more easily. You will find if you show emotions in your photos they will get more likes for example.

You can get really creative with hiding your face too so use props and your environment and see what works for you while trying to balance your privacy.

Tattoos, birthmarks and other identifying features

If you are heavily tattooed it’s going to be very difficult to hide your identity. Smaller tattoos can be hidden with clothing, editing or even with makeup.

Most birthmarks can be hidden with a little makeup and it’s the same for moles. But if you’re this paranoid about being identified then maybe this isn’t the career for you?

There will be a point where the risk outweighs the rewards and for me, if you’re at the level where you are hiding moles then it’s worth thinking twice before you start a porn career because you’re going to be a nervous wreck always worrying about being found out.

On the flipside to this. You can also try adding a distinctive beauty spot or fake tattoo in order to throw people off. It’s really easy to add a realistic mole with makeup. Just remember to put it in the same place each time!

Your voice

Believe it or not, it’s possible to be identified from your voice. Most no-face OnlyFans creators tend to avoid talking. But there are ways around it. Using the text to speech option included in the TikTok app is a cute way of getting around it. This is also really good if your spoken English is not that great.

You could also use an audio editor to lower or raise the pitch a few tones in order to throw people off. Just remember to be consistent and don’t overdo it as it will make you sound like someone calling in a bomb threat in a bad movie.

There is another way of hiding your vocal identity too which will be familiar to anyone that’s seen The Masked Singer. You can simply speak with a slightly different accent. Just pick one that’s relatively easy for you to do and be consistent.

Location privacy

It’s not a good idea to geotag your social media posts if you want to stay anonymous. You also need to make sure you don’t accidentally give your location away in your photos. Make sure none of the objects in the background has your real name and address on them, a bill left out on the table for example.

Taking photos in front of local landmarks is another way of giving your identity away, particularly if you’re from a small city.

Blocking countries and states

Like many user-generated porn and webcam providers, OnlyFans lets you block people in certain geographic locations from seeing your content.

This is great in principle but honestly, this is a bit of a scam to lure you into the business. If anything it just gives you a false sense of security. This is just not how the internet works.

The Chinese government blocks WhatsApp and many other Western websites and apps within China but I have friends working in China that use WhatsApp without issues.

The reason is VPNs and 68% of Americans use a VPN. And one of the biggest reasons they use them is to protect their privacy, particularly when browsing things like porn sites.

The block will stop some people from viewing but it won’t stop someone that’s determined so the effect will be small. Whatsmore, you will also lose a huge number of sales if you block an English speaking country, France or Germany.

And again, let’s be real. Your OnlyFans members represent a tiny fraction of the people who will see your content. Your social media posts will reach a much wider audience and there is no geo-blocking for that.

And if you have any degree of success people will steal your OnlyFans content and share it for free – they won’t care about your geo-blocking rules either.

So again, if blocking is really important to you then you probably have too much to lose to make this worth the risk for you personally.

Submitting your IDs to OnlyFans

When you join OnlyFans you will have to submit your real name and address, tax forms and your real IDs. This is true for any user-generated porn website.

There is no way of getting around this so you have to put all your trust in OnlyFans with this one. You have to trust that their systems and processes are robust enough to withstand a hack, data leak or even a malicious employee.

Sadly the porn industry doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to protecting performer identities. There even used to be a website that had the real names and IDs of porn performers.

I’m not saying OnlyFans is not secure. I’m just saying that it’s the internet and bad things happen. You should think about this before you open an account.

Finally, How To Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

Let’s get to the fun part and talk about how to get the money flowing into your account. As a no-face OnlyFans model, you have to be so much better than someone that shows their face in order to make the same money.

But even if you intend to show your face on OnlyFan you will still benefit massively by thinking about these areas first.

Choosing a niche

Targetting a niche is one of the most important steps you can take in porn. There are so many niches to choose from. To research niche ideas look at the categories and tags on porn sites like Xhamster.

When you decide your niches you should try to be realistic. For example, it’s hard to present yourself as a teen if you are older.

You should also choose sexual activities you are genuinely passionate about. Findom is very popular but if you have zero experience or interest in domination in your private life you will be just playing a part and your fans will see through this so fast. Authenticity is so important if you want to make real money.

There are so many sexual activities, fetishes and preferences it’s not hard to find a good selection that you love and work well for your character.

When researching your niches you can also compare the popularity of different niches using Google Trends.In this example i compared pegging with foot fetish.

Foot fetish vs pegging porn popularity

In the example, you can see that pegging is more popular than foot fetishes so pegging is a bigger opportunity if you do it well. Also, note that interest in pegging is growing over time which is great news for your potential income. It’s always better to be working in a growing niche than a declining one.

Another important point is to see where your niches are popular. In the chart below you can see that if you have mostly Russian followers then the bigger opportunity will be foot fetish content. You can see this in the next chart.

Foot fetish vs pegging porn popularity by country

I know it seems boring but if you put the work into finding some great niches that you love, have a lot of Google searches and align with where you expect your fans to come from, then really a lot of the hard work is done. You’ll be way ahead of 99% of models who tend to take a random approach.

Creating an image and story

Now you selected your niches it’s time to craft your image and story. The image part is something some creators do and some don’t.

If you take fashion seriously and have a carefully curated wardrobe you can probably skip most of the image part as you think about this all the time. But the rest of us need to get out of our comfort zone and start thinking about style and photography.


The worst thing you can do is just wear whatever clothes you feel like that day. Or buy random cheap clothes from sex shops specifically for your OnlyFans. German creators tend to do this and it looks so trashy.

Instead, you should start following some people on Instagram that have a good sense of style and whose clothes work with your niche and body type.

Study them and think carefully so you can create a style guide with some rules and even colour palettes that you follow religiously for all your clothes.

And it’s not just clothes. Every aspect of your image should be consistent and suit your character and niche. So think about accessories, locations, how you edit content, interiors and even your hobbies and interests.


Not many OnlyFans creators think about their story before they start but it can really turbocharge the fantasy aspect of your character and your fans drive to spend money.

For example, maybe you’re a student funding your education. Something like this makes people feel that spending money on you has a kind of charitable effect and makes them feel good.

Or you could position yourself as a cheating housewife. This adds extra excitement to every photo and video you post and even gives you a justification for why you can’t show your face.

There are an almost infinite number of stories you can come up with. It’s definitely worth investing time thinking about this.

How to promote an OnlyFans without showing your face

Promoting an OnlyFans with no-face is pretty much the same as if you showed your face. You just have one body part less to work with so everything you do has to be that much better. So when you post to social media your photos and videos need to be edited to perfection with killer captions.

Learn how to use all the parts of your body that people can see in order to communicate emotions and playfulness.

Currently, I’d say Reddit is the most reliable way to promote a No-Face OnlyFans account. They allow adult content and there are dedicated groups for almost any niche. Read my guide to Reddit if you need help with this.

Twitter is the next most reliable as, again, Twitter is adult-friendly and there are lots of big porn accounts willing to share your content.

The most effective platforms for promoting on are Instagram and TikTok. The problem is that because you are hiding your face, it means your photos are all about your body which in their eyes can make it seem too sexual and it’s more likely they will delete your account.

If you can, try to make your social media content have some extra value beyond just showing off a hot body. That means make your content funny because hotter content is allowed if it’s humour. You could even make it a fashion account where you are showing off your clothes rather than your body.

If you’re unsure of the rules around promoting adult content on social media check out my guide to social media rules.

You can also promote your OnlyFans with other models. Ideally with other no-face models or models in your chosen niches.

And finally, free porn sites like PornHub, Xhamster and Xvideos are good promotional options for no-face OnlyFans models. These sites are always hungry for fresh content and they will even pay you up to $350 dollars for every million views you get so creating a content strategy that accommodates these platforms is vital.

Check out LeoLulu on these platforms and subscribe to their OnlyFans to see someone that does almost everything incredibly well, and then have fun creating and making money.

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