How to make the perfect OnlyFans profile

Many people join OnlyFans or similar platforms only to be disappointed with the financial results. One of the most common reasons for this is having a bad profile.

When people see your profile, that’s the very moment they make the decision to spend money on you or not. It’s so vital to your success.

So if you’re the kind of person to rush in without thinking or you’re just not sure where to start, then this guide to making the perfect OnlyFans profile is for you.

What makes a good profile?

An OnlyFans profile doesn’t need to be complicated. All it has to do is communicate who you are and what to expect from joining your OnlyFans.

The worst profiles I see have either too little information or too much confusing and irrelevant information.

Try to keep your profile concise, relevant and an accurate reflection of your personality and you will be doing way better than most people using the platform.

Let’s breakdown the different aspects of your profile and explain some best practices for success.

The bio

OnlyFans give you a lot of space for text in their bio. There is no excuse for your fans to be confused about who you are or what they get if they subscribe.

The most important information to include here is:

  • Who you are
  • Why you are on OnlyFans
  • Why users should join your OnlyFans
  • What users get if they join
  • A price comparison
  • Your personality
  • Profile and cover photos

Who you are: OnlyFans isn’t a genuine social network so most people that land on your profile will already know who you are. However, it helps to say one or two quick sentences as some people will find you here first.

If you have another career you should say it e.g. glamour model, YouTuber, pro gamer, pornstar, etc.

I’ve also found nationality to be an important factor and if you have achievements you feel are important to your personal brand you should say a big one here. It will raise the value of your personal brand. For example maybe you won an award, maybe you modelled for something well known like Playboy.

Some physical attributes could also be important to your personal brand and these should be mentioned. Common examples include your ethnicity, body type, bust size, etc.

Just don’t go crazy selling who you are. In most cases one sentence is enough and more than two is just too much. The goal is to convince your fans to pay for a subscription, not to give them your life story.

(Pro tip. If you are not a native English speaker, get a native speaker to edit your profile so it doesn’t sound weird!)

Why you are on OnlyFans: It can increase your subscription sales if you have a better reason to be on OnlyFans than to simply make money. Try to think more deeply about your reasons.

It could be something generic like you want a place to have a more personal relationship with your best fans. If you are a model it could be because you want to be independent and not work for other people anymore.

It could be to fund another project, some art for example. It could even be to finance your studies or because you lost your job. Personally I think it can look a bit fake to use a pity message like this but it can work very well if it’s genuine.

Why users should join your OnlyFans: You want to create some excitement about what users will experience if they join.

This is where you can brag a little about your content and describe the nature of it. You could even say something simple like: the only place you can see my private sex videos.

The goal is to give an quick overview of what type of photos and videos people will find inside. If you specialise in a particular fetish you should say it. If there is something special about your content, say it.

Mainstream creators that don’t plan on posting nude or porn content you should say more generic things like: it’s the only place you will find my most intimate content or I will be posting everything that’s too hot for Instagram.

What users get if they join: Now let’s flesh out what’s inside. It’s time to get specific. Many people start an OnlyFans and just don’t update it frequently enough.

Many users will have been disappointed by joining this type of profile in the past. But you’re not like that, are you? So let’s tell people your content schedule.

I find it’s best to bullet point this list (pro tip. using emojis instead of bullets is a good way to make lists stand out.) Feel free to use this example and simply delete or add to it as you require.

If you subscribe you will get:

  • At least one video each day
  • Daily photos from my life
  • One live cam show per week
  • Chat to me in my DMs

It’s also important to tell people what’s not included with their subscription. Many OnlyFans creators sell extra photos and videos on their profile that are not included with the subscription.

For example, you might have a low cost subscription of around $3 per month but you will only show short clips or videos up to a certain level of nudity in your feed. In these cases you would then charge extra for longer or more hardcore videos.

If you don’t tell people in advance what they get, they could feel cheated and they will be less likely to spend more money on you.

A good way of framing this is to keep things positive and sell extra videos in direct messages rather than in your feed. That way you can say something like: when you join you will see all my nude photos and videos on my profile. Extras are available, only pay for those if you want to.

These sentences subtly explain that your posts are nude level only. It also tells fans how much content they get instant access to when they join as your profile page tells users how many photo and video posts you have in total.

If you’re experienced with OnlyFans and you’ve posted a lot of content. Tell people that. Say something like: when you join you get instant access to 2 years of nudes. That’s over 500 pics and videos!

A price comparison: Whatever price you set to join your OnlyFans you should try put that price in context. Make it seem like a small amount of money they don’t need to think about.

If you subscription costs around $3 – tell them it’s the cost of a cup of coffee to see all your nudes. If you make the transaction seem like nothing it will increase the number of people that pay.

Alternatively, you could break the price down into smaller chunks. For example, if you are charging $20 per month, tell people it’s just $5 dollars a week.

Your personality: Everything you create that’s public facing should reflect your personality and personal brand. Every photo, every video, every post on social media and even your bio on OnlyFans.

Be consistent, choose words carefully and always look to make even boring text your own. This is so important whether you are playing a character or you’re just being an idealised version of yourself. Be true to your brand.

As a rule you should show your personality not just tell people about yourself. If you’re intelligent; don’t say you’re intelligent, write an intelligent bio. If you’re funny; don’t say you’re funny, make people laugh in your bio.

So let’s put all that together and give you an example of a good bio. This is one I wrote for an imaginary webcam girl.

Petite and busty cam-girl from Poland here to share my most intimate content with you (and pay for my cosplay addiction!)

Subscribe for $3 a month for instant access to all my nude pics and vids, same price as a cup of coffee.

Every month you will get:

  • Daily pics
  • At least one daily video
  • DMs with me – I love receiving messages from fans!
  • At least one live show per week
  • Extras are available only if you want them

Profile and cover photos: OnlyFans gives you two positions for photos on your bio. These should be your very best pictures. Don’t put people off joining by showing yourself in anything other than the very best way.

For the profile picture, I recommend using the best portrait photo you have. Ideally something with a plain background. Crop close to your face or head and shoulders. If you are busty or a guy with a particularly good body be sure to tease this a little.

The cover photo is more difficult. Consider using a cover photo template. Most of the templates available for Twitter should fit well here and will allow you to express yourself.

But for most people the fastest way to get started will be to use your best landscape photo as the cover image. Make sure your head is at the right hand side of the page if you are laying down as it will look weird to have your head twice at the left of the page. You can always mirror the photo in your photo editor to get this right.

If you’re not sure which are your best photos, simply check which have the most likes on your other social media profiles.

Once you’ve set your photos make sure you check out how they look. Look at them on your cellphone as this is how most OnlyFans users will see your profile. If it doesn’t look right, edit or change the photos until you are happy with them.

Welcome message

Now you’ve written a great bio the next thing to do is create a welcome message for new subscribers.

It’s important to welcome new members to your OnlyFans. Everyone likes to feel appreciated when they’ve spent money, so let’s say thank you. It will help maximise revenue because now they spent some money on you, they might want to spend more.

A great welcome message will start with a thank you and tell your fans how much it means to you that they subscribed. Be sincere.

Next you want to encourage them to get involved in your community, take part in comments and polls, etc.

Now tell them what else is available to buy. Some popular examples are custom videos, dick ratings (this is when guys pay you to rate the appearance of their penis out of 10) and direct messaging with you.

For custom videos, dick ratings or anything similar you should put clear and easy to understand pricing.

For direct messaging you need to be more subtle. I would encourage your fans to DM you. Tell them you love to hear nice messages from them.

Once they start chatting to you you can subtly spend more of your time chatting with fans that tip – or you can politely tell non-tippers that it’s almost impossible to chat with everyone so fans that tip have to get priority.

I don’t recommend saying you have to tip to chat in the welcome message as it can appear like you only care about money. So say this discreetly in the chats when you need to.

You might also want to say what type of behaviour will get fans blocked. You might not want to get unsolicited dick pics for example.

Generally I would wait to see what kind of unwanted messages people send before you add a negative message here. It looks better to keep everything positive. But it’s good to be aware of where you can stop negative behaviours if something is becoming a repeat problem in your community.

Finally, you can really step your welcome message by making a video message to include with your text. It’s so much easier to get your personality across when you welcome fans with a video.

Some creators also add really personal touches like asking new fans to share their birthdays so they can send a special personal message and photo/video gift on that day. Things like this will increase fan loyalty a lot. If you love your fans, they will love you back even more – but with dollars!

The thing that OnlyFans does really well is it allows you to create an incredibly personal relationship with your fans. You can do that at group as well as on an individual level.

The stronger you can make that connection, the more money you will usually make.

Your OnlyFans content

You created a profile and now you’re ready to start promoting your profile, right? Almost.

I see so many people make this mistake. They’re so excited to start making money that they forget the most important part. Making content.

If you do this you could be quite disappointed when no one joins. Or worse, your fans could be disappointed and you could lose them forever.

Aim to have at least 20 posts on your OnlyFans before you start telling the world about it and be sure to create a content schedule that you can actually stick to.

One of the biggest reasons people are unsuccessful on OnlyFans is that they cannot maintain a content schedule. They neglect their content creation which is neglecting their fans so their profile never really takes off.

I’d also say you should make content specifically for OnlyFans. If you are already successful on a different platform it can be tempting to simply post the same content that was successful elsewhere.

This is bad for several reasons. The most important is that different types of content do well on different platforms. For example, if you just post your Instagram content to Twitter then Twitter won’t grow. The same principle applies to OnlyFans and any rival platform like PornHub, ManyVids, PornHub, etc.

The other problem is that if you simply post the same content everywhere, what incentive is there to join all your platforms? Your super fans will want to see all your content. So at the very least make a proportion of your content exclusive to each platform.

Long term it’s better to have more than one platform making you good money because being dependant on one platform can be risky. Platforms can change and stop working for you. You can also be kicked off platforms and have your account shutdown.

For example, when OnlyFans added European taxes and limited tips it hurt the income of many creators. Those that were already using other platforms were better protected against this drop in their income.

That said, if OnlyFans is your first time selling your content this way then build it up and make it successful before you start work on another platform. Starting two projects at the same time is an almost impossible task.

OnlyFans and similar platforms are an incredible way to make money from your online. Some people have literally make millions of dollars.

The problem is that most people don’t. Currently 90 per cent OnlyFans creators make less than $1 000 dollars per month. So put the effort in, think about your proposition and create the best profile you can to make sure in the in the top 10 per cent from the beginning.

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