Reddit 101 for adult content creators

Reddit wants to be the front page of the internet, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it is. It’s has a huge number of users, and it’s the best place to discover new content and trends. That means adult content creators need to be there. It’s one of the best places to grow your fanbase. This article explains how it works for beginners.

Reddit has close to 300 million monthly visitors and quite possibly half that many active users. It is the 7th largest website in the US, bigger than Twitter! On any given day, Reddit has over 6 million people on the site in active communities.

The unique thing about Reddit vs other social networks is that you can reach many people from day one. Whereas if you set up a fresh Instagram or Twitter profile, it can take years to build a big following.

Reddit is divided into niche communities called subreddits. With a few restrictions, pretty much anyone can reach these audiences. This makes it easier to find people that love your content and share your passions.

And if your content is good enough, it can go viral and reach the homepage. It’s much easier to go viral on Reddit than on other social networks. It feels more organic.

Reddit 101

Let’s begin with the Reddit homepage. It will probably be the first thing you see when you join. It consists of top posts from all subreddits.

The homepage is full of viral content and trends. Click on anything that grabs your attention and try to get a feel for what Reddit is all about.

I urge you to explore more. Follow the posts you like to the subreddits where they were posted. It’s important to join the subreddits that interest you or make you laugh.

Forget about promoting or selling your content for now. Your priority is to familiarise yourself with the site and start using it as a real user.

As an adult content creator, the obvious place to start is to search for subreddits where you can promote your porn or OnlyFans. You could also search for subreddits that have advice for sex-workers, OnlyFans etc.

Try to expand beyond your work. Unless you’re a very boring person, you will have things that interest you a lot more than porn and sex-work.

When using any social media, the best profiles are three dimensional and have a range of interests and passions they share. Think about joining subreddits on all the things that interest you, whether politics, art, music, comics or something super niche and weird.

Reddit is a community that rewards people that contribute. If you’re a shill who’s only interested in selling their products and services, you will not have much success. This is something I will come back to again and again. I cannot stress this point enough.

Reddit Karma

Reddit has its own internal currency called karma. You earn karma by contributing to the community with the content you post and the comments you make. If the community finds them useful, valuable or interesting, you will earn karma.

Some subreddits will let pretty much anyone post. But the bigger ones will require you to have a lot of karma, require your account to be a certain age or even require you to use the mobile app. This is to keep the subreddit high quality and easier to moderate.

Earning karma isn’t that hard. There is no big mystery. All you have to do is be a good citizen and contribute to the community. If you followed my advice and followed subreddits you are passionate about and genuinely interested in, then you will do this naturally.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from answering questions and posting interesting experiences and questions from your own life. That’s really all you have to do.

I see so many sex-workers freaking out over karma and trying to take shortcuts. Some start making posts only to get karma. Don’t do this. The Reddit community takes a dim view of karma whores. Build your reputation naturally. It really shouldn’t be much effort at all.

Don’t Spam subreddits

Reddit users are astute. They can smell a scam from a mile away. They will downvote you if they think you’re spamming their subreddit or if they don’t like your post in general.

Make sure you read the rules specific to each subreddit before you post. Each community set their rules for a reason, if you don’t like the rules, find another community or start your own.

The community is also swift to help someone genuinely asking for advice or sharing interesting content.

Reddit is not the place for a sales pitch. It’s a place to build relationships, and if you have good content that your fans enjoy and value, then they will seek you out. Just make sure you aren’t being too spammy in any one subreddit, or they will ban or mute you.

When to post

Reddit is a bit different from every other social network out there. The posts with the most upvotes rise to the top, so you want to post your content when there are many users online during peak hours.

For Reddit, in general, peak times are US working hours, roughly 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern time. This will vary by subreddit, so try to figure out the best posting times for the subreddits you use.

What to post

The key to successful Reddit marketing is knowing what you are doing and having a strategy behind each post before moving on to the next one or the next subreddit.

Get involved with the communities you like. Dive into existing conversations and ask questions (even if you already know the answer).

Don’t just spam your existing content because that’s what you’re selling this week. Instead, you should create fresh content or adapt content specifically for each subreddit.

Don’t post the same content or to the same subreddits over and over again. Mix it up. Go niche. Make your posts unique. Use Reddit as a place to show your personality and build your personal brand.

Overall, just have fun with it! It can be tough to get traction at first, but if you are persistent and consistent, you will find success (and so will your sales).

Many people think of Reddit as a bunch of people who just upvote cat pictures all day. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes dedication, but it can be a valuable resource for your adult business.

The subreddits I’ve spent the most time in are r/onlyfansadvice and r/SexWorkers. There are thousands of adult content creators there who are eager to help you with your problems or just talk shop. Learn how to use Reddit effectively, and you’ll be able to network with people who can genuinely help your business grow.

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