Rocco Siffredi – abuse and silencing of women that speak out

Updated – January 10, 2023

On a recent podcast episode about rough sex pornstar Nelly Kent painted a disturbing picture of the porn industry in Europe. Rocco Siffredi was one of the people named negatively (and positively) in the podcast. In this blog post I want to share some facts on what happened and explain some of the questions I still have. It will be updated as I get more information.

In mid December 2022 I published a podcast with Nelly Kent about rough sex. On the podcast she had a very low opinion on the European porn industry. A few days after publishing, she was contacted by Rocco and others in the porn industry and following that she asked me to delete the episode.

Originally I removed the episode and clips from all my platforms and that left me with a lot of questions I felt needed to be answering.

Was Nelly Kent telling the truth?

Was she lying for fame, was she pressured into withdrawing comments or something else? After Rocco and others spoke to Nelly, I had a 40-minute phone call with her. At first, she asked me to change the title and description because she felt it made it look like she had a war against Rocco specifically, and she felt that wasn’t the case.

She was talking about the clip I made that only contained the abuse and mistreatment comments related to the porn industry.

The conversation was very inconsistent and emotional. It seemed like she was looking for a reason to take it down and said that the way I edited things made it look bad when I should only have had the full podcast.

During the conversation, I really wanted to know if she was telling the truth or not and sadly the answers I got were not clear. At one point I pressured her by saying I can only really take the podcast down if she was lying and she said: “I’m lying then. I don’t care.”

I don’t know if that’s a sign of desperation or truth. I quizzed her on a few of the individual allegations she made that I could remember clearly and she said they were true.

So this is really complicated. I have a huge amount of respect for Nelly and I didn’t want to cause her any problems so we agreed to take it down completely.

Rocco Siffredi also contacted me

I was warned by several friends that Rocco Siffredi will be contacting me, including one that ominously said they find they have to be careful with what they say to him because they’re afraid of him. I don’t know what that means exactly but it’s something I never expected to hear. Here’s what Rocco said:

Hi Tommie this is Rocco Siffredi I’m righting [writing] to you about your video with Nelly.
Just want to let you no that I will “unfortunately” move on legally toward [h]er and you cause many thinks [things] that she says you report on righting below completely wrong or purposely.
And I hope you no [SIC] that you can post any think people say just because

He also included a screenshot from Eszter who runs a porn model agency called Brill Babes:

I invited Rocco onto the podcast to tell his side of the story and he replied with this:

No I’m not looking for any defence from my side I don’t need it, but for sure all your righting [writing] and the way you describe all the stories is absolutely made up from you and the girl already t confirm by voice message and by chat.
I don’t no watt [what] is behind this someone told me that Dan Leal is part of this when some passed [past] month with some others girls in another podcast shit on people.
Any way you must for sure no that watt ever you post on the web nowadays you are responsible.
Take care

So Rocco says he has no questions to answer and astoundingly sees this as some kind of conspiracy against him! The Dan Leal he’s talking about is “Porno Dan”, an American porn producer here in Budapest.

It’s true that on a previous podcast a model accused Rocco of not caring about models but the allegation was just that he’s a big tight fisted and doesn’t provide them with meals on set. On that podcast Dan Leal diplomatically defended Rocco so I really don’t know what he’s talking about.

I know Dan Leal very well and he’s the kind of person that quietly works behind the scenes to fix things rather than publicly call people out. I’ve personally seen him do huge amounts of good in the business ranging from helping to improve sexual health, financial support when people are in trouble and he’s often the person models go to when they had a bad experience so I have no idea what his problem with Dan is.

Once I finished on the phone with Nelly and we agreed to delete the podcast I replied to Rocco and explained how I am removing the episode from all my platforms and social media.

Does that mean we should ignore the allegations on the podcast?

My personal opinion is that if a person is not willing to say it publicly then we should disregard what they say. And if someone says something publicly then it should be investigated. So as Nelly withdrew what she said on the podcast, should we ignore it?

Maybe we have to. But I think Rocco Siffredi and some other companies involved in this have some serious questions to answer.

On our phone call Nelly said she was asleep and woke up to many messages. I do not know exactly how many people messaged her but I know it was more than just Rocco. I do not know exactly what he said to her but I know legal action was threatened either by him or a proxy.

If what she said is true, is it right for him to contact her and threaten her? Does threatening legal action count as threat? I don’t know because I’m not a lawyer. But something about that makes me feel very uncomfortable. Putting myself in her shoes it sounds like a very intimidating situation to me.

Imagine Harvey Weinstein and his beneficiaries contacting someone that spoke out about him, it doesn’t sound right at all!

How abuse is hidden in European porn

If Nelly is lying I would totally understand being angry and wanting to shut down the story as soon as possible. The problem for me is this is the third time in the last 12 months I’ve seen a model silenced on social media – and what Nelly said on the podcast makes it even more disturbing and gives me doubts over her ambiguous withdrawal of what she said.

On the podcast I asked her why no one has spoken out about Rocco before.

She listed several reason why. The main one being that girls are scared. She said if you speak out the porn model agents tell you to remove what you said, you lose your agent, lose work and so on.

And that seems to be exactly what happened. She was contacted by multiple people to shut down what she said.

If you notice in the message from Rocco clearly Eszter had contacted Nelly. Why is she contacting her? She is not even her agent! Why is she acting as Rocco’s fixer?

It was also Eszter in the other two cases I saw. The first was allegations by British pornstar Lenina Crowne on Twitter.

And the third one – I’m ashamed to say – involved me.

My best friend accused a porn producer called Paul Stalker of abusive behaviour. The guy has so many complaints against him it’s insane he’s still working.

I then had to witness her being pressured by Eszter to remove her Tweets – and she even pressured her to get me to remove mine. Her reasoning was that Paul pays money. You have to think of the other girls who want those bookings.

I feel so ashamed that I also deleted my Tweets as I valued my friendship more than the safety of other models. But I didn’t want to put my friend in a tight spot with her agent. It was so wrong but in the moment, that’s what I did.

I mention this story to show that there is evidence and experiences showing the industry works exactly how Nelly said.

Does that mean Nelly was telling the truth? No. But it does add weight to my suspicion that she might have been put under a lot of pressure by people in the business. This is purely my speculation.

Questions that need to be answered

  • Was Nelly pressured into removing her comments or was she lying?
  • Is it ok for Rocco and others to contact Nelly when she made allegations against him? Does threatening legal action count as as intimidation?
  • What’s Brill Babe’s and Eszter’s relationship with Rocco and other producers? i.e. Shouldn’t they be looking out for their models, not producers? And why is she involved when she is not Nelly’s agent?
  • What is Rocco’s approach to consent in his productions? Who is monitoring him? What support do models have on set?
  • What’s in the unedited footage on a Rocco shoot? is it edited before Evil Angel and Gamma receive it?

To finish I want to make an apology to the wider European porn industry. This is not a European problem. All the bad stories I heard in the porn industry over the last 4-5 years have been problems in Budapest. So let’s call it a Budapest problem. We really need to put our house in order and create an environment where models feel safe at work and empowered to speak out when they need to.

There will always bad people in every industry and we can’t police every production but I sincerely believe the power to speak out keeps everyone honest. At the very least we need to protect that.

Rocco Siffredi abuse evidence

After deleting the Nelly Kent podcast I decided to make another podcast explaining the story of how she was silenced. Before doing that I decided to do some research into Rocco Siffredi’s content to see if I could find any evidence of abuse. What I found was shocking and disturbing.

In just ten minutes of research, I found many videos he has recorded that support the abuse allegations against him, including some that unambiguously show anal rape and attempted anal rape.

I do not want to show this content on my site or on YouTube so I added them to Twitter with commentary. You can also see us reacting to these videos in the podcast at the top of the page.

Here are the links if you’d like to see them for yourself:

One of these girls later killed herself

On social media, people identified the girl in video five as Angelica Kitten from the Czech Republic. Sadly it looks like she took her own life, according to adult industry sources.

December 24th – update

I do not know what they said to Nelly Kent to get her to change her story but she really is all over the place. On 24th of December, she publicly accused me of making up the allegations by editing what she said. See point 4 in the screenshot below.

So in the interests of truth, I have posted the full interview again on my platforms. I would also like to point out that the clips I posted were focused but they did not change the context or meaning of anything she said. I get that she might want to walk back some things she said after coming under pressure but please don’t do that by trying to paint me as a liar.

Here’s the full interview with Nelly where you will see she brought up abuse by Rocco Siffredi completely unprompted.

The porn industry is hiding this story and Rocco Siffredi contacts me again

Update December 30th

Sorry for the lack of updates but I was enjoying Christmas with my family. I want to add some comments on the shocking way that the porn industry is hiding this story. It’s not just people in the Budapest porn industry that’s trying to keep this story quiet. It’s also the American industry that would be the first to investigate if an American model spoke out like this.

I mentioned on the podcast how the Xbiz porn industry forum banned me from their platform for discussing this topic. It now seems that if other people post my story there it also gets deleted.

I just find their lack of curiosity about the story blows my mind. It doesn’t even warrant an investigation in their minds.

I also started reaching out to the media about this story and to other porn performers that may have had bad experiences with Rocco Siffredi. Some of my outreach got back to him and he sent me some more messages.

He seems to think the correct response to this story is to threaten me with violence.

Update – 10th January 2023 – I met Rocco Siffredi and Shona River speaks out

Over the Christmas period, Rocco Siffredi reached out to me in a more civil manner and we sat down to talk over coffee. We did this twice. On the first day we had a more general conversation about the porn industry and the allegations against him. And on the second day he wanted to talk more specifically about the Marylin Sugar video.

It was a very constructive talk and it was good to get his opinion on things. He’s an intelligent and charismatic person. He knows of all the problems in the porn business in Europe. Where we disagree is on the ethics of his approach.

Rocco Siffredi did not want to talk about this topic on the podcast so instead, I made a a follow up episode where I did my best to give his side of the story. The first 30 minutes of the next episode is this content.

On the same epsiode, Shona River talked about her own experience of working with Rocco.

Visa and Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard both set rules for the porn industry on what content is allowed to be sold via their payment networks. The problem is the rules are very opaque. I asked them both some questions around Rocco Siffredi’s porn which is distributed by Gamma Entertainment and Evil Angel.

Specifically I asked them who is responsible for regulating the content on porn sites because I cannot see anywhere to complain about the content on or on the Visa/Mastercard websites. Here is Mastercard’s response:

Our adult content registration program is about keeping illegal content off of our network. We originally detailed the program in April 2021 in a blog post (link). The program requires sites that accept Mastercard as a form of payment have controls that allow them to monitor, block and remove unlawful content. These standards also demand confirmation of age and consent from anyone in adult content.

As we have noted in our standards and related documents, it is the responsibility of the acquirer – the bank that connects merchants to our network – to ensure the websites they work with meet our adult content and services requirements. While the individual or entity providing the adult content is responsible for verifying the identity and consent of each of the persons depicted in the content, the merchant (or website) facilitating the sale must have a process to ensure all parties meet their obligations.

Beyond our own monitoring controls, when we identify or receive referrals or allegations of potentially illegal or unlawful content available for purchase with our products, we investigate the claims. If the claims are substantiated, we take immediate action, including ceasing the use of our products at that site.

I followed up with a question asking if non-consensual content is allowed if it is simulated. I also asked if these rules apply to porn sites because it doesn’t make sense to report problematic content to the people that produced it as they should know it’s problematic; they produced it! It’s like asking the police to investigate the police. And this is exactly the same problem the porn industry had with the Girls Do Porn situation.

Finally, in their previous message they said that they also investigate reports so I asked them how they receive them when there is no reporting process. Here is their response:

First, let us clarify that the standards we have emailed about apply to all non-face-to-face purchases of adult content. And, under these standards, the merchant/website must support a process to address complaints or concerns raised. Based on your note, we will look into this further in order for the appropriate action to be taken.

So the good news is that at least finally someone is taking this seriously and investigating. Sadly it’s not the porn industry itself but at least we will have a resolution one way or the other.

Update – 20th February 2023 – Rocco Siffredi Forced to Remove 498 Videos

Following a successful campaign by LustCast listeners to make payments companies aware of Rocco Siffredi’s non-consensual and abusive porn content, quietly removed 498 videos.

It’s not clear who ordered the videos to be removed but the feeling is that Siffredi is being protected either by his distributors Evil Angel and AdultTime/Gamma Entertainment, by his 3rd party payment processors Epoch and SegPay or possibly by Visa and MasterCard.

Someone wants to keep the money coming in and so all these companies continue to do business with Siffredi despite an abundance of problematic content.

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