How to sell a homemade sex tape

How to sell a homemade sex tape

If you’re like me then you find the home humble made sex tape way hotter than any professional porn. But what if you want to make your own? And is it ok to share them, and can you make money from them? In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about homemade sex tapes, from making them look good to making money and other legal and moral issues.

In the early days of porn, it was expensive to make a movie and show it to people. Porn movies had to be shot on film which is expensive and requires specialist equipment and expertise. It was even expensive to show people. Porn movies were actual movies that were shown in cinemas.

As the cost of video production and distribution got lower thanks to videotape, then DVDs, the internet and cellphones amateur porn proliferated. There’s now much more amateur porn online than professional porn as tens of thousands of random people and couples started making homemade sex tapes and uploading them.

Many, including me, turned their homespun porn into a legitimate business, while others shared their exploits for the love of it. There is a dark side too. Porn videos also get shared with friends or leaked online as a deliberate attempt to humiliate people creating a whole new category of crime called revenge porn.

Types of homemade sex tape

There are many different types of homemade sex tapes. Some are more common than others and the legality and money you can make from them vary wildly.

Pro-Am sex tape

This is the most common type of homemade sex tape. They’re not really homemade sex tapes as the people making these videos are professionals. They may have started making videos for fun as I did. But once you start making real money from them it becomes a process. For many reasons it becomes difficult to maintain the real connection and spontaneity of your videos once you go professional.

Pro-am sex tapes are made by OnlyFans creators, webcam models, real-life couples and even famous pornstars. A pro-am sex tape is any video that has low production values. They are almost impossible to distinguish from real homemade sex tapes. And that’s because a lot of work is done to make them look as real as possible.

The problem is that once you go professional your porn can quickly become a bit formulaic. People get bored seeing you with the same girl or guy all the time so you start making videos with others. It’s hard to make that an organic process when you might be meeting for the first time, you have to get sexual health tests and sign lots of paperwork and pay a fee.

These videos get so close to being real homemade sex tapes so they’re incredibly hot but they’re not quite the real thing.

Reality porn

Despite the name, reality porn is not real. It covers a diverse range of porn that feels more like reality TV. Like most pro-amateur porn a lot of effort is put in to make reality porn seem as authentic as possible.

The best examples can look very authentic, especially while the brand is unknown. Think FakeTax, various fake porn casting series or the infamous BangBus where a bus drives around Florida seemingly picking up girls and guys at random to make porn in the back of a bus.

A lot of these series tend to be filmed on GoPro’s to recreate that hidden camera vibe that feels more immersive.

Real homemade sex tapes

The real amateur sex tape is actually pretty rare on porn sites, and with good reason. They’re distributed without the permission or payment of the people that made them!

Often they will be found on a stolen or hacked phone or computer, or it could be revenge porn that’s uploaded by a spiteful ex. The viewing of these videos does tremendous psychological harm to the people whose privacy has been violated.

Is it legal to watch them?

There’s no law against watching leaked or stolen sex tapes but it’s highly unethical. You’re probably not a good person if you enjoy getting off on the suffering of others.

That said you have to visit some pretty obscure porn sites in order to access most leaked sex tapes. The porn that appears on major porn sites is highly regulated. Even though many porn sites (including my own) market porn as leaked that is usually not true. It’s normally just a marketing gimmick so you can enjoy your porn guilt-free most of the time.

That’s also true of most celebrity sex tapes. Whether they’re licensed like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton’s sex tapes or leaked like Tulisa’s. Notice how no one ever gets sued for leaking these celebrity sex tapes even though it’s almost impossible to upload something online anonymously.

It’s also amazing how often celebrity sex tapes are leaked just as a career is flagging or a new product is set to launch.

Is it oK to share homemade sex tapes?

As a rule, you should never share something without permission. This is especially true of homemade sex tapes you made with a partner. Even if her face isn’t showing you really need to ask yourself: who do you want to share it with and why?

Whether you want to upload your sex tape to PorbHub and live out your fantasy of being a pornstar or send it to a friend to brag, there really is no upside for you from sharing private sex tapes without permission. At best maybe your ego is massaged a little but you could seriously damage your partner’s reputation and mental health. And you might get some jail time and find yourself on a sex offenders register.

Always ask before you share your homemade sex tapes with anyone or anywhere.

Before you make a homemade sex tape

Before you think about making a homemade sex tape there are a few things to consider and plan. Unless you regularly film sex tapes with your partner you shouldn’t just whip the camera out in the heat of the moment.

Talk about it with your partner. It’s important to set some boundaries like what will be shown and what won’t be. How will it be filmed? Will you show your faces? Who will have the files? What happens if there’s a breakup? Have a real, pressure-free conversation about it and don’t be annoyed if she says no. Let’s face it, she is taking all the risk because no one really cares or judges if a man has a sex tape leaked.

And if you plan on selling or sharing the video then this really needs to be talked about in advance and you will both need to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

This includes things like a model release form, a 2257 form to prove you are both over 18, and a consent form. I also strongly advise you to create a contract or some kind of written agreement on who owns the content and how the money will be split. If you need help with the paperwork I recommend taking a look at the APAG website. They have most of the contracts you will need to use for no cost.

Remember that just because you have permission to sell the content in one place, doesn’t mean you have permission to sell the content everywhere. So again, talk about boundaries and rules. For example, is it only allowed to be sold on OnlyFans or on PornHub too? Will it be the same version on both or will you show less on PornHub? Try to plan for every situation that might come up.

How to sell a homemade sex tape

These days there are an almost infinite number of places you can sell a homemade sex tape and there are new ones popping up almost every day. Let’s go through the pros and cons and the most common ones.

OnlyFans – this is by far the best place to sell a homemade sex tape. You will stay in control of where it is distributed. At least until people start pirating your content. But piracy is quite easy to control these days. The only downside of OnlyFans is if you don’t have a lot of social media followers then you don’t really have an audience to sell to. So that’s why most people sell their videos in a variety of places.

PornHub – tube sites like PornHub, Xvideos and Xhamster work in a similar way to YouTube. You post videos for free and they give you a cut of the advertising. People can also buy your videos on these sites but sales are so low compared to OnlyFans that it’s hardly worth the effort for most people.

Currently, PornHub pays $350 per million views if you post full videos for free. The problem with this is that it’s tiny money for a million people to see your video. None of the millions of people that see it will buy that video now. You swap short term fame for long term gain. Personally, I prefer to drop five-minute preview clips on PornHub and just use it for marketing.

Amateur porn sites – there are lots of amateur porn sites like mine that will buy your homemade sex tapes or pay you to make some exclusive ones. My site typically pays $1 000 per day for you to make content. The good thing is that you get exposure to an audience that pays for porn and may buy porn from you too. You also get promoted on their established marketing channels, which can be huge when you add all the porn sites together. The downside is it’s a one-time fee, although you can sell them more sex tapes.

If you have homemade sex tapes you’d like to sell me or you’d like to make some for my site, please contact me here.

NFTs – currently NFTs are as hot in porn as they are in the mainstream. The market is nuts and makes no economic sense. If you have some fame on social media you should absolutely make some crappy digital art of yourself and sell it as an NFT with some homemade sex tapes attached. There is a lot of money here right now but it probably won’t be forever so do it quickly!

There are literally hundreds of places you could sell a homemade sex tape so try to find the right places for your style and content. For example, ManyVids tends to be better for selling fetish content while OnlyFans is more vanilla. Check out my article on how much money pornstars make if you want to see the detailed earning potential.

The most important thing is the better your homemade sex tape is, the more money you will make. And after reading this you have everything you need to make good videos.

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