Sex in the woods: why it’s hot and how to do it

Couple about to have sex in the woods

Everyone has a public sex fantasy or two (or three or four…) that they’d love to bring to life with their partner. Maybe it’s getting it on in the back of the movie theatre. Or, maybe want to try dogging on the beach. 

Whatever floats your boat, having sex in public places has an element of risqué to it that makes it that much more exciting. You’re running the risk of getting caught having sex with your partner.

One exciting place for public sex is the woods. If you want to have sex in the woods, I’ve put together a kinky guide to help you out. Read on and get ready to bang in the great outdoors! 

Where to have sex in the woods

Before you race out to the forest with your partner, you’ll need to have a game plan for where you can have sex. After all, you want it to be a comfortable experience. Here are a few places to have sex in the woods.

In a tent

If you’re wanting more of a private approach to sex in the woods, doing it in a tent is the perfect place. You’ve got nature outside but the comfort of your camping gear inside the tent. 

Under a picnic blanket

There’s nothing like cosying up with your partner after a delicious picnic in the woods. The blanket will help keep you off the ground, or you can snuggle under it for more privacy. 

In a cabin

Another great place to get it on is inside a cabin. Cabins keep you safe from prying eyes and keep the weather at bay. This is a great way to enjoy some of the more kinky stuff, like anal sex

In your car

A car is a great place to have sex because it’s fairly clean and it’s much more affordable than having sex in a cabin. Plus it gives you some privacy and a quick escape if you do get caught.

Under the stars

Sometimes you just want to get down and dirty right then. No equipment needed. But you can make it extra special by waiting for nighttime. It’s a special experience to have sex in nature under the starlight.

The best sex positions in the forest

While you can always have missionary sex while out in the forest, there are plenty of other sex positions that you can try out. You can make use of the different items you have, or you can simply opt for some fun positions.

For instance, you can go for cowgirl or reverse cowgirl in smaller spaces like a tent. Or, you can lean up against a tree, car, or rock to give each other some great oral sex. 

Unless you’re in a cabin, you’ll want to avoid anal sex or doggy style. That’s because these positions can be quite hard on the knees thanks to the tough ground below you.

And if you’re a clean freak or the ground isn’t completely dry, then I’d recommending doing a position where you remain standing up and don’t get any mud or grass stains on your clothes.

What to prepare for when getting it on in the woods

Remember, there are plenty of things that can go awry when having sex in the woods. To make sure that you have a good experience, there are a few things you can do to prepare. 

For one, bring bug spray with you. You can also bring a citronella candle. Both of these tools will help ward off bug bites while you’re doing the deed, making for a more comfortable experience. 

Next, you’ll want to be prepared for poison ivy, stinging nettle, and other toxic plants. Be sure to avoid spots near these plants. To make sure you don’t get a rash, pack some hydrocortisone to help you get rid of hives and itching. 

You’re also going to want to take things slow and stick to lower altitudes. If you’re too high up, you can get your heart rate up too high or get altitude sickness while having sex. 

Make sure that when having sex in far away from civilisation you may want to bring a first aid kit, too. A first aid kit can help in case you get any scrapes or scratches while getting it on. And, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Finally, research your local laws. Some municipalities have fines in place if you’re caught having sex. This is especially true when you’re having sex in a location where you might run into children. 

Pro tips for making love in the woods

While you can always just head out to the forest and go for it, there are a few things you can do to make your sexy time in the forest a little more fun. Here are a few fun tips for making your sex in the woods the best experience ever.

Scope out your location

Before you get cosy, make sure that you scope out your location. Choose somewhere that’s secluded and romantic. This will make sure that you’re able to have a memorable and fun time with your partner.

Clear the ground

When you get ready to put down a tent or a picnic blanket, you always get rid of rocks and sticks that would make things uncomfortable. The same should be true when getting ready to have sex in the woods. Otherwise, you can injure yourself. 

To keep you comfortable, you can always bring a yoga mat or a blanket. Laying this down on the ground can help cover up uncomfortable patches of ground to make it a better experience.

Bring an air mattress

When you’re out in the woods, an air mattress can make all the difference. An air mattress will help you get it on with your partner in the most comfortable way possible.

However, you should be aware that air mattresses tend to make a fair bit of noise. If you’re having sex in a more public area, you’ll want to be aware of this before getting in the mood with your partner. 

Pack a blanket

Even if you don’t bring an air mattress, you’ll want to have a blanket handy. Blankets are great for laying down on the ground to add comfort for you and your partner and stop your clothes from getting dirty. 

And, blankets can provide a way to cover up in case you hear someone coming. Plus, if it gets cold outside, the two of you can wrap up under the blanket to keep warm. 

Remember the contraception

When you have sex in the home, you usually keep the condoms close by. However, when you’re out in the great outdoors, contraception isn’t so accessible. 

Make sure to pack them when you head out to the forest to have some fun with your partner. Not only will they keep you protected, but they’re also easy to clean up and dispose of.

Bring wet wipes

Wet wipes are essential for a sexy trip outside. This is especially true during the hot, sticky, summer season. With wet wipes, you can quickly clean yourself up after doing the deed. And, it’ll leave you feeling clean and fresh even if showers aren’t readily available.

Turn off music

You might enjoy getting sexy with music, but that’s not practical when you’re out in the woods. Music can disturb people who are around you. And, if you upset or bother them, you might get an unwanted visit from the police.

Plus being surrounded by the sounds of nature are part of the experience. Don’t ruin it by putting music on.

Put out the lights

When getting ready to have sex in the woods, you’ll want to make sure you get rid of any sources of light. Otherwise, your silhouettes will be visible in your cabin windows or tent. You wouldn’t want any peeping toms hanging around, and turning out the lights can keep your privacy protected.

Pack light

While it’s fun to bring sex toys into the bedroom, this isn’t practical for sexy time outside. That’s because some sex toys can make noise that can attract attention while others are clunky and hard to transport. So if you do bing a sex toy with you it’s better to take a small dildo

Mix up your love life with sex in the woods

There’s no better way to spice up your sex life than by trying something new. And, with this guide, you’re ready to have sex in the woods in a way that you and your partner won’t soon forget. 

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