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a woman tasting different cum

what does cum taste like?

Girls who have tasted a lot of cum will will tell you that no two guys taste the same. In fact there will be radical differences in taste and texture from man to man, and this is because of a multitude of factors that influence the chemical makeup of semen. …

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How to cum faster

How to cum faster

How to cum faster? Most men want to know how to last longer! But as there is premature ejaculation, there is also delayed ejaculation, which means that some men take a long time to cum or find it hard to cum at all, to the point of detriment to their …

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What is a creampie?

What is a creampie? It’s a term coined in the pornography industry – used to describe the act of having unprotected sex and ejaculating inside the vagina or anus (anal creampie) of the girl you’re having sex with. When you can see the jizz ooze out of her hole, this …

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