Talking to a guy that buys used panties

On this episode of LustCast I spoke with a guy that buys used panties. I was joined by pornstars Kiara Lord and Scarlett Jones as we asked him why he buys them, what he does with them and much more.

This is one of my favourite episodes so far. It was amazing of Scarlett’s fan, Dave, to give give us his time and talk so openly about his used panty fetish.

It’s one of those fetishes that seems incredibly common online. Every pornstar I know sells her used panties and when you think about it logically it makes sense that men like to sniff panties as we’re programmed to be turned on by the smell of a vagina.

So the first question we asked Dave was if all men have a panty sniffing fetish? Dave explained how everyone likes the smell of a vagina but when it’s used underwear people find it odd. There’s a social stigma around the fetish and it’s seen as weird.

Dave went on to explain how he got into buying used panties. It started when a former lover left a pair at his home and his fetish developed naturally from there.

Dave says that he buys Scarlett’s used panties to support her as a person. When he talks about her you can tell that he thinks of her as more than just a girl to lust after. There’s genuine affection and care for who she is as a person.

Before speaking to him I assumed guys that bought girls panties would want used panties from any girl they find attractive but it doesn’t seem to work like that. It requires more feeling than that, at least with Dave.

Ordering used panties

We talked about the ordering process for used panties as if you think about it there are a lot of different fluids and dirt that can get into them over the day. Including sweat, pubic hair, menstruation, pee, skidmarks or even semen.

It seems the overwhelming majority of people buying used panties just want them to contain the girl’s natural scent and when guys want something like pee or semen in the panties too that it could be part of a different fetish. Urophilia in the case of pee and erotic humiliation in the case of semen, it’s a bit like cuckolding to purchase semen stained panties.

The conversation was amazing and went in a lot of unexpected directions so make sure you listen to the full episode.

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