The Best Homemade Sex Toys For Men

Do men really need homemade sex toys? Let’s face it – sex toys are expensive. Especially good ones. The majority of the cheap ones aren’t worth having, and some of the best sex toys are just far above budget for the majority of guys. 

There is no denying that sex toys can enhance the sexual experience for all men, irrespective of age or sexual preference. Whether used in solo play or with a partner, sex toys are a great way to liven things up in the bedroom, leading to more satisfying and exciting sexual experiences.

What does a guy do when he wants to create new sexual experiences for himself, but can’t afford a premium sex toy such as a Fleshlight or a premium prostate massager, for example?

In this instance, a man must rely on his own creative ingenuity to create his own sex toy using common objects found around the house.

This is a potentially hazardous undertaking, and so this guide seeks to assist the average guy to create a safe, enjoyable sex toy of his choice which will require very little financial output.

Perhaps you’re bored of your current sex toy collection and you simply want to try something new and test out your creative abilities, or perhaps you’re away from home and in need of some quick sexual relief.

The aim here is to ensure that nobody ends up needing a trip to the emergency room. To avoid this embarrassing situation, I would certainly suggest avoiding the vacuum cleaner or any other such home appliance.

There are far better options for homemade male sex toys which allow for a much safer, pleasurable experience. These are as follows:

Sock Masturbator

The sock is an old classic in the masturbation game of most males. It’s also pretty easy to make so it should be one of the first homemade sex toys men try out. In order to use a sock to its full potential, so to speak, it requires a few manual additions which will be sure to please.


An old sock that matches the size of the penis, a latex glove, rubber bands and lubricant.


Place the glove inside the sock while ensuring that an inch-long section of the glove is sticking out the end of the sock. You can also allow folds in the glove to recreate the sensation of vaginal ridges.

Next, wrap the end of the glove over the outside of the sock and secure it in place using a rubber band.

Apply lube and enjoy!

Towel Masturbator

The towel masturbator is another famous classic, affectionately referred to as the Fifi. This DIY homemade vagina is purported to have been used by inmates in prison for lack of a better option.

This option is often preferable to the sock masturbator due to the texture of the towel, and its ability to be warmed up by soaking the towel in hot water.

A towel masturbator can also be placed under a mattress or between couch cushions for a hands-free experience.


Hand towel or face towel, latex glove or condom, rubber bands and lubricant.


Lay the towel on a flat surface and fold it lengthways if it is a larger towel. Place the glove or condom on the edge of the towel, ensuring that an inch-long section is left hanging off the edge. Roll the towel up and wrap the end of the glove or condom around the outside of the towel, creating a vagina-like hole. 

Secure the ends with rubber bands, apply plenty lube, and place the Fifi in its desired position before going to town on yourself!

Ice Pack Gel Masturbator

This is an interesting alternative to the aforementioned masturbators in that the ice packs create a fleshy, firm feel which can be further enhanced by heating them up to your desired temperature.


A minimum of 2 reusable gel ice packs, condoms or latex gloves, rubber bands, and lube.


Place the condom in between the two ice packs while leaving a small section of the condom sticking out. After wrapping the lip of the condom around the edge of the ice packs, secure it into place with rubber bands. In order to enjoy a more realistic experience, warm the ice packs up in warm water before adding lube and indulging your senses.

DIY Fleshlight

Fleshlights are the most popular male sex toys due to their pornstar tie ins, realistic feeling internal cavities and their high-quality build. If you have a budget for sex toys, you can even order a replica pussy of your favourite porn stars. Here’s a list of all porn stars with their own fleshlight.

Fleshlights are, however, prohibitively expensive for a large segment of the population. It is possible to make your own fleshlight using a few simple household items. It’s one of the more tricky homemade sex toys men can make. It requires a little more time than most on this list but it’s totally worth it.


A tennis ball can, cardboard role or Pringles® can for the external frame, a condom or latex glove for the internal lining, and 2 smooth sponges for the filling.


Ensure the frame is smooth and does not possess any sharp edges and insert the sponges into it. Insert the condom into the slit between the two sponges and wrap the lip around the outside edge of the container. Secure this with an rubber band.

Banana Peel

Bananas present another enjoyable (and cheap) alternative to your conventional masturbation technique.

In order to make use of this fruity option, cut off the tip of a banana and carefully remove the fruit from inside the skin. 

Wash the inside of the banana skin to remove any remaining fruit, and pop it into the microwave for a short period to create a warmer and potentially more satisfying experience.

Apply lube generously, place the peel over your erect penis and enjoy the sensations.


Watermelon flesh is soft but firm, and allows for a great masturbation experience without the need for lubrication due to its high water content.

Halve the watermelon, create a penis-sized slit in the middle and remove a sufficient amount of flesh before inserting yourself and making love to this beautiful fruit.

The Squid

Yes, this might be one of the ickiest homemade sex toys men can use. The technique makes use of an actual squid, and I’m afraid you may never view calamari in the same light ever again.

As you can imagine, squids (when clean) possess a texture that is similar to that of human flesh.

In order to enjoy this experience, remove the head of the squid and any internal organs before cleaning out the interior of the body.

When the squid body is completely clean, allow it to dry before applying lube and enjoying an experience as close to the “real thing” as you can imagine.

Rubber Tube Masturbator

This toy requires a fair amount of DIY skill, but the result is guaranteed to be more than satisfactory.


Rubber inner tube, rubber hosing, sealant, and a river or swimming pool in which to enjoy this contraption.


Create a small hole (large enough for your penis) in the bottom of the deflated tube which goes through only the one wall of the tube. Inside this hole, insert the rubber tubing and seal it with sealant to ensure that no air escapes.

When complete, hop into a bath, shower or river and insert yourself into your new creation for some wet and wild fun!

Couch Cushion


Ziploc bag and lubricant.


Snip the seal off the top of the bag, cover the entire interior of the bag with lubricant and place the bag under the couch cushion.

Insert your erect penis into the bag and pretend it’s a vagina while controlling the pressure by pressing down on the cushion with your hands.

Glove Of Fun

This technique requires some cheap pet toys and makes for a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

Preferably, you should purchase brand new toys for this rather than stealing them from your dog. This will ensure that the experience remains hygienic.


6 small, spiky and soft rubber balls, a small net to keep them together, a latex glove and lube.


Place the rubber balls into the net, and place this into the glove while creating three rows of two balls in a triangular shape. Apply lube, stretch the device out and enjoy the tingling sensations of the soft rubber spikes as they massage your penis.

Popcorn Box 

Simple but effective, this masturbator will ensure you take your cinematic experience to the next level!


Paper towel tube, popcorn box, pen, latex gloves, and lube.


Trace the circumference of the cardboard tube onto the bottom of the box and divide this circle up into six “pizza slices”.

Cut along these lines, pushing the flaps inwards to hold everything in place.

Insert the cardboard tube into the hole from the outside, insert the glove into this tube, apply lubricant and enjoy.

Soap Hole

One of the most simple homemade sex toys but always enjoyable, the soap hole simply requires a clean bar of soap. Create a hole through the middle using a pen and make it large enough to just fit yourself inside.

Wet the soap, preferably in the shower, pull it over your penis and masturbate by holding onto the soap.

PVC Pipe

This toy requires a trip to your local hardware store to acquire a piece of PVC pipe which is a suitable size for your manhood.


PVC pipe insulation, a small saw, and lube.


Cut the pipe down to the correct length, lube up the inside of the pipe and insert yourself.

If you like, you can leave the pipe extra long so that the opposite end reaches your mouth.

Suck on the end of the pipe while masturbating and you will enjoy a completely different sensation.

Soda Bottle Thruster


2 liter soda bottle, 2 smooth sponges, duct tape, latex glove and a knife.


Remove the bottom of the bottle with a knife and create a smooth edge using duct tape.

Place the glove between the two sponges and place all three items together into the bottle.

Pull the rim of the glove over the duct-taped edge of the bottle, and tape the end of the glove in place.

Add bubble wrap to the inside of the glove, if desired, apply a generous amount of lube, and enjoy the sensations.

Toilet Paper Roll

This is probably one of the cheapest and easiest toys to make, but it is highly enjoyable nonetheless.


Toilet roll, condom or latex glove, and lube.


Carefully remove the cardboard tube from inside the toilet roll. Insert the condom or glove in the middle of the cardboard-free toilet paper roll and wrap the cuff around the outside of the roll, fixing it in place with an rubber band.

Teddy Bear

Some may frown upon this option, but if you’re in a pinch and short of options, a stuffed animal serves as one of those surprisingly effective homemade sex toys for men if real sex is simply not an option.


A stuffed animal of your choice, a condom, a knife and some lube.


Cut a small hole in the teddy bear which is just large enough to insert your erect penis into. 

Insert the condom into this hole, and then insert your well-lubed penis into the condom.


Due to their fleshy texture, grapefruits can add a great sensation to your solo play, and are also a great addition to a blowjob if your partner is willing to indulge you in this way.


1 grapefruit, a knife, condom, and lube.


Cut both ends off the grapefruit, create a hole in the middle of the grapefruit, use a condom and plenty lube and enjoy the sensations.

Toothbrush End

If you’re keen to incorporate some anal play into your solo fun, an electric toothbrush is a great option. This will allow you to stimulate your prostate in a new and exciting way. Just make sure you change the head next time you clean your teeth!


Electric toothbrush, tissue paper or clean cloth, a condom and lubrication.


Wrap the back end of the toothbrush with a cloth or tissue paper. Place a condom over the back end of the toothbrush, apply lubrication liberally and insert to your desired depth, stimulating your prostate for a mind-blowing orgasm.

Homemade Sex Doll


For this you will need a mannequin, the core from a paper towel roll, a soft sponge, condom and lubrication.


Dress the mannequin in a pair of pants which uses a zipper.

Place the sponge inside the cardboard tube, create a hole inside this sponge and insert a condom into the hole.

Place some lubricant into the condom, and secure the paper towel core into the zipper of the mannequin’s pants to mimic a realistic sex doll experience.

Homemade Super Head Honcho

The Super Head Honcho is a well-known male sex toy that makes use of a realistic-feeling internal sleeve to stimulate you effectively for maximum pleasure. It is possible to make a homemade version of this popular sex toy which will measure up as far as possible to the real thing.


100g of starch, 200g of water, microwaveable tumbler, a clean stick, microwave and a refrigerator.


Mix the starch and water together in the tumbler. Heat the mixture in the microwave to harden it slightly.

Make a small hole in the mixture with the stick right down to the bottom of the tumbler. The hole should be significantly smaller than the diameter of your penis. 

Microwave the mixture again for around 30 seconds, and let it cool down in the fridge for around 45 minutes.

Once cooled sufficiently, remove the stick and pour some lubricant into the hole.

Homemade Cock Ring


All that’s needed for this toy is a long piece of satin ribbon making it one of the easiest homemade sex toys for men on this list.


Create adjustable twin loops which will fit around your testicles.

Create another adjustable loop that is the same size as your penis.

Insert your testicles into the twin loops, and your penis into the third loop. Adjust the loops according to your preferred tightness.

Homemade Butt Plug


2 golf balls, a condom, and some lube.


Place the pair of golf balls into the condom, pour some water into the condom and tie up the end.

Lubricate the outside of the condom, lubricate your anus and insert the homemade butt plug.

It is highly recommended to tie something onto the end of the condom so that the butt plug can be easily removed once placed.


As you can see from the above, the options are endless when it comes to DIY sex toys.

It is my sincere hope that you will be able to find some options that you enjoy, and have fun experimenting with whatever tickles your fancy.

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