The one sex hack you need to give girls orgasms

Ann Joy is a sex coach and porn performer that told me a really good way to make girls have an orgasm. I invited her onto LustCast to talk about the differences between men and women when it comes to sexual satisfaction. She explained how most men rarely satisfy girls sexually so most of us really need to hear this.

Ann Joy became a sex coach because, like most girls, she experienced a lot of bad sex in her life and struggled to have an orgasm in bed with her partners.

After learning how to improve her own sex life she now coaches other girls on how to do the same. On the podcast Ann explained how it’s often a mental block that stops girls from achieving an orgasm during sex.

This mental block will often be an insecurity around sex they learn early in life. Things like whether they look good enough, shame and guilt, etc. or men simply not doing what she needs.

As men we can often feel like a failure if we cannot give our partner an orgasm and we may even start to blame them and think something is wrong with them. Pressure like this makes it even less likely she will climax.

But there’s one very easy technique that’s almost guaranteed to help your partner achieve an orgasm and that’s simply to communicate.

Talking about sex makes your partner feel comfortable with you. It’s the one thing you can do that can take away her anxieties and leave her thrilled and satisfied in the bedroom.

We talk about how to communicate in lots of detail on the podcast but the most important thing is to have a two way conversation about what you both like. You really need to put her at ease and listen properly to what she’s saying. Listen carefully to what she wants and needs. Pay attention to her insecurities and reassure her when you need to.

You need to create an environment where she feels comfortable with you and knows that you care about her pleasure.

It’s really that simple. It doesn’t matter who you are going to have sex with, the more time you spend communicating and understanding your partner, the better it will be.

Even if it’s just a hookup you can communicate well and leave your partner craving more. There’s no need to disappoint anyone!

Make sure you check out the full podcast with Ann Joy for lots of advice on how to please a girl. She also tells you what not to do by sharing some of her very worst sexual experiences.

And if you want to see even more, watch the porn videos I made with Ann Joy.

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