Top 5 Twitter mistakes OnlyFans models make

The Top 5 Twitter mistakes made by OnlyFans models (and how to fix them)

Twitter is one of the best places to promote your OnlyFans. It’s the only porn-friendly major social network and OnlyFans even looks like Twitter.

But many models get Twitter so wrong and miss out on all the extra money it can give them each week. Let’s take a look at the biggest Twitter mistakes OnlyFans models make and show to easily fix them.

These problems and solutions apply to any content selling platform you’re using, whether it’s OnlyFans or something else like ManyVids, PornHub, FanXO or others.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to selling content or you’re experienced, there will be something here for everyone. Almost everyone makes at least one of these mistakes.

1. Using OnlyFans instead of Twitter

Using OnlyFans instead of Twitter

I see so many experienced people making this Twitter mistake. Once they launch an OnlyFans their Twitter is neglected.

OnlyFans is not a social network. There is almost zero organic growth. You have to really work for your subscribers and followers.

Whereas on Twitter you can grow organically. If you make a good post it’s possible to go viral and pick up lots of followers you can sell your OnlyFans to.

It might sound pretty obvious but many people cut back on Twitter content once their OnlyFans starts making some money. You shouln’t.

If you already have a lot of Twitter followers it might not seem like a problem. But think about what will happen over time if your Twitter account is not growing.

You will be advertising your OnlyFans to the same Twitter followers over and over again. If your OnlyFans stops growing, this could be a big reason why. Keep your Twitter followers growing and your OnlyFans will do the same.

If you’re new to Twitter you might have a slightly different problem. You get paid for OnlyFans subscribers and you probably have other ways of promoting it so it’s really hard to see the benefit of starting a social media profile on Twitter.

You’re used to getting paid directly for your effort so you don’t put much work into Twitter and learning how to use it properly. It probably gets stuck on a very low number of followers and you give up on it.

This is a huge mistake. Your profiles on other social networks like Instagram and YouTube are extremely risky. They could be deleted at any moment.

I advise everyone to use Twitter as their primary social network for promoting OnlyFans content as it’s the least likely to be deleted.

The solution: Invest time and energy in Twitter. It’s worth it. Growth is organic, you don’t need to pay for ads. The better your content is and the more time your put into it, the better results you will get.

And if you already have a successful Twitter account, don’t neglect it. Have a content schedule for Twitter, make it part of your content planning. Make content specifically for Twitter. Don’t let it become an afterthought or a chore.

2. Sending users to the wrong websites

Sending users to the wrong websites on Twitter

Congratulations. You’re kicking ass on Twitter, your account is growing but it’s not really translating into many OnlyFans sales.

One of the most common reasons for this that I see is that many models are telling users to go to other sites.

There are many different variations on this. The best thing to do is to look at your Twitter profile and the most recent 50 posts and count how many different sites you are promoting in addition to your OnlyFans.

Most people will find they are promoting other content platforms, porn sites, webcam sites, a personal site, other social media and more.

Ideally you should make the platform that makes you most money your main focus – let’s assume this is OnlyFans – that means all your other profiles on all other sites should push users towards your OnlyFans so you maximise the number of people that see your profile and make a purchase.

If your Twitter is pushing people to lots of different sites some people may never be pushed to your OnlyFans subscription page. They may never stumble up your Twitter profile again and you lose the customer forever.

The solution: Let’s go through some common scenarios and the best way to optimise your Twitter.

You only make money with OnlyFans

If OnlyFans is the only place you make money, it should be quite easy. Place a link to your OnlyFans on your profile and that’s it. Don’t link to anything else, not even your other social media like Instagram and YouTube.

All your social media profiles should promote your OnlyFans. That’s your product. You don’t make money from Instagram so why would you want to send users there when you could send them to your OnlyFans and turn them into a paying user?

In your Twitter posts you can promote new content from your other social media profiles. Only do this if the content is different to what you post to Twitter. There’s really no point posting the same thing twice. It’s just more work for no benefit.

You make money on multiple fan platforms

It’s recommended to use at least two content platforms to diversify your income and so you have insurance – imagine if your profile gets hacked or deleted for some reason and you lose 100% of your income!

The problem is it can get confusing to fill your feed with posts to different platforms. Plus having multiple links in your bio can confuse users too and you might direct users to a platform that’s less profitable for you.

Let’s say you use OnlyFans and ManyVids but you make more money only OnlyFans because ManyVids take a bigger percentage of your money. Then promoting both of these equally is just taking money out of your pocket and giving it to ManyVids needlessly.

In your bio you should name the one platform that makes the most money for you. If this is OnlyFans then focus on promoting that. ManyVids and others can simply be listed as a backup for people who hate OnlyFans or can’t use it for some reason.

Use a service like LinkTree or AllMyLinks so you can simplify your profile and use just one link. List your platforms in order of what makes you most money. Remember only to list places that make you money.

Pro tip: If you use more than one platform to make money, you can put different types of content on each. For example, you might put vanilla content on OnlyFans and fetish content on ManyVids. This way fans have to subscribe to both profiles to see all your content and you could double your money.

You model for other companies

If you’re a professional model and work for other companies your Twitter profile can get even more confusing. I see a lot of models directing their fans to other company’s websites.

This could be by retweeting their posts or by making their header or profile image a photograph that contains another company’s brand or link.

If a company tags you in a post and you like it and it fits with your personal brand, then I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t retweet it, if you really want to.

But don’t give them too much. Every time you promote another company you are advertising a rival. It’s better to advertise your own content where you make money not them.

I see many models include links and branded photographs in their header and profile image from other companies. This tends to happen a lot with better known brands like Playboy or Vixen because they are so proud to work for them.

All these images do is put a huge ad on your profile that tells your users to go to someone else’s to site to see your videos. You should be the only person selling content on your profile. So don’t give these guys a free advert. At least make them pay for the privilege.

Some models will say that if they promote another production they will be more likely to book them for more work. This is not true. The only factor that’s important is whether your video sells or not.

There is an ego aspect to showing that you worked for a prestigious company. But this really does nothing to sell your own content, your fans don’t really care who you worked for, so put your ego to the side and focus on selling your content not someone elses.

Pro tip: you can normally crop any unwanted logos out of photos if you really want to use them.

You also do webcam modelling

Many models have a permanent link to their webcam profile. Unless your webcam 24/7 then it’s pretty useless to send your fans here. All you are doing is advertising the other models on the site who are currently live.

It’s better to post a link to your webcam profile to announce when you will be on cam as well as when you actually go live and start your show.

Some platforms let you sell clips and other products while you are offline. In this case the profile link should also be listed as if it’s another content platform, always in order or which one makes you most money just like OnlyFans, ManyVids et al.

3. Posting too many ads in your Twitter feed

Bored Twitter user look at ads

You might not think you post ads to your Twitter so let me explain what I mean by an ad.

Any post with the purpose of promoting your OnlyFans, another social media profile or anything else you are selling is an ad.

Sure, it looks like a post and you might think of it as content but it’s not.

The most common type of ad is posting preview images and videos from your OnlyFans or discounts.

Try to put yourself in your fan’s shoes. Look at your profile and browse it like a fan. Is there actually any content there or is it just a long list of tweets asking people to buy something?

The solution: Limit your ads to one per day or one every 5 posts. And put some effort into your ads. Don’t just use the auto-post feature that many platforms have. They are terrible and so boring. Why would any of your fans care that someone just bought a video or tipped you?

The McDonald’s Twitter account doesn’t brag every time they sell a burger. It’s kind of embarrassing to have this type of ad on your feed.

It’s much better to create your own trailers, promotional photos and ads and create them specifically for Twitter. You will get much better results.

Pro tip: make your ads better by using templates, try apps like Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark Video.

Now you know the difference between ads and content it should be easier to see if you’re been neglecting your Twitter account. If you don’t have much content, you need to start creating.

You should find that your Twitter and OnlyFans grow a lot faster even after just one week of creating more actual content and less but better quality ads.

4. Posting boring, superficial content to Twitter

Girl posting superficial content to Twitter

Of all the social media platforms Twitter is the best at connecting with people and having real conversations. You can build a strong community let people get to know the real you.

When fans feel like they know you, like they’re a real friend, it wins you a lot of goodwill and this will turn many into loyal subscribers on your OnlyFans.

On Twitter you can show your fans that your more than just a sex object to be lusted after. You can show the full range of your personality, show people what makes you tick.

You can be someone your fans dream of marrying rather than someone they dream to fuck. Which do you think people will spend more money on?

The problem is most OnlyFans models post boring and superficial content. They never open up about their feelings, thoughts and problems. They rarely say anything their fans can relate to.

The worst profiles tend to be just a collection of sexy or pornographic photos and videos. Slightly better profiles show a few perfect highlights from their lives. Behind the scenes on a shoot, a holiday picture or sat in a glamorous restaurant.

But is this stuff really that interesting? What does it say about you? How do you make your mostly boring life interesting?

The solution: You have to go deeper. You have to speak to your Twitter fans the way you would speak to friends. We all have mostly boring lives. You can’t be exciting and take perfect pictures every day.

And you really don’t have to. If you start sharing your thoughts and feelings with your fans the same way you do with your friends then you will start to have some real conversations.

For example, if you’re just sat in bed all day. Why is that? Is something on your mind? Why don’t you share it on Twitter? Some fans might feel the same way.

Is something funny? Has something in the news pissed you off? Are you finding something in your life difficult? Start some conversations or get involved in others that you can relate to.

The most important thing to build followers is to be authentic. Sure there maybe some things that you want to remain private. That’s completely fine. But authenticity is the key to making even boring days interesting for your followers. Being authentic and real is more important than being interesting.

You probably don’t get bored talking with your friends because you can talk about anything with them. Try doing the same on Twitter. When you post a photo, explain more deeply what’s happening. Share your feelings don’t just the boring superficial layer of your life.

The better conversations you have on Twitter, the more fans are going to want to tip big money to chat with you privately on your OnlyFans.

5. Posting pornographic content

Posting pornographic content to Twitter

It will probably seem a bit counter-intuitive because most OnlyFans models sell nude or pornographic content, but this is one of the most common Twitter mistakes. You really shouldn’t be posting anything pornographic to Twitter.

Twitter rarely deletes pornographic profiles which is something we can all be thankful for. However, if you post pornographic content then your profile will be restricted.

That means your tweets will be less visible in search, people will see a sensitive content warning on your posts and your account will grow very slowly. Even worse, many porn and webcam models get shadow-banned by Twitter, which really kills your growth.

The solution: You don’t need to post nudes to sell nude content so don’t do it.

I tried selling content with porn images on Twitter and I tried selling content with safe for work images on Twitter. There was no difference in sales but the safe for work account grows faster.

What’s more, put yourself in your follower’s shoes. Do you want to open your Twitter account in public or at work and be greeted by a feed full of dicks and tits?

Probably not so sell your personality and creativity on Twitter, your fans know where to get your porn when they need it.

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