what does cum taste like?

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Girls who have tasted a lot of cum will will tell you that no two guys taste the same. In fact there will be radical differences in taste and texture from man to man, and this is because of a multitude of factors that influence the chemical makeup of semen. So the only way to find out what your cum tastes like is to try it. But if you don’t want to do that I’m gonna try to break down the different tastes for you.

The taste of cum can vary from sweet to bitter, sour to salty, and metallic. It can be water-like or more viscous, depending on the concentration of various chemicals and compounds that make up semen’s composition. Most if not all of this is diet and lifestyle-related.

We aren’t going to get into the detailed biology here but instead get a better understanding of what influences the taste of cum. Whether you can affect the flavour by changing your diet and lifestyle, and before we do that, we are going to dispel one myth.

Cum Is NOT A Protein Supplement

While it is true that semen does have some protein in it, the amounts are tiny so if you intend on using ejaculate as a protein source, let’s just say the line of guys would go around the block.

Semen does contain a variety of proteins and sugars, and other elements. Still, again, the levels are so small that they would have zero nutritional or beneficial value other than making the penis owner very happy!

Stick with real food and protein supplements and leave the cum dessert for the bedroom.

The Chemical Makeup Of Cum

Cum has a pH level of between 7.2 and 8.5, making it alkali in nature, and alkali substances taste bitter. Your little fellas swim in an alkali solution because the vagina is a very hostile place for them.

It’s acidic and essentially is fighting a war against your swimmers as soon as they enter! Having an alkali pH protects them and ensures greater reproductive success.

What Is Cum Made From

Most people think it’s only sperm, but this is a fraction of the composition. Water, mucus, and plasma are the main components, and it’s also produced in a variety of places in the body like the testicles, prostate, seminal vesicles, and urethra.

Sperm is only 1% of the total composition, so the taste is more than the additional compounds added during seminal production. So if your partner thinks she is swallowing or tasting sperm, that isn’t the case.

These contribute to its texture and taste, influenced by dietary and lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol, red meat, vegetable and fruit consumption, and hydration levels.

No, pineapple does not make your cum taste better

There is certainly evidence to indicate that what you eat and drink affects your cum flavour. Still, if you had ideas about eating tons of pineapple because your partner likes pineapple taste, which would encourage her to swallow more often, I’d suggest a different approach.

Science has partially debunked the idea that eating intense flavours can influence the taste of semen to become more like the food you’re eating.

Still, evidence suggests that pungent foods like garlic, asparagus, cabbage, meat, and dairy products affect bodily fluids like sweat and saliva, which can affect the taste of semen.

Now, here’s the kicker. Theoretically, sweeter foods like sugar, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice affect the pH levels and decrease them, potentially making your cum taste sweeter.

This doesn’t mean a glutton fest on Snickers while looking at your partner with that knowing look, but your certainly can experiment – and here’s how.

If you want to try this test for yourself, ask your lady for a quick BJ and swallow and then ask her to rate the taste in terms of sweet and bitter. Then eat pineapple, drink pineapple juice or cranberry juice for 4-5 days, repeat said blow, swallow, and compare.

And if you have a partner like that – marry them!

Some other foods and spices can also make your semen taste sweeter, and those are stone fruits like plums, peaches, nectarines, and apricots, as their naturally sweet sugars increase the presence of glucose and fructose in your body.

The high vitamin C content of celery- yes, celery – is very effective in flushing the salty flavour; herbs and spices like peppermint, spearmint, wheatgrass, parsley, and cinnamon can all sweeten your load taste.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Cum

There is one aspect that science agrees on: a healthy lifestyle that includes good hydration, less alcohol, no smoking, plenty of water and exercise, and diet.

To lessen the bitter taste, drinking plenty of water is a great idea, and there are some other excellent and healthy reasons you should.

Water dilutes your cum, so the taste may seem sweeter than if you are dehydrated due to alcohol, fruit juices, and energy drinks. Plus, having a good volume of water increases your load volume – yes – read that again!

DRINKING PLENTY OF WATER MAKES YOU SHOOT MORE! And since many guys want to have that epic money shot, you don’t need any weird supplements, just good ol’ H2O! And it’s healthy for all your systems too!

The human body does far better with an alkali diet than with an acidic one, as bacteria and viruses in acidic environments and perish in alkali ones. Eating foods like chicken, vegetables, fruit, legumes, and fish will improve your health and sperm motility- meaning they can swim like Phelps when they’re in the pussy pool!

Foods That Make Your Cum Taste Worse

Well, here is the bad news. Coffee, chocolate, marijuana, asparagus, and red will increase the bitter taste. Still, for those who don’t enjoy spinach or broccoli, you have a proper reason to avoid eating them!

Pity we didn’t know that when we were younger, but I’m not sure your mother would have bought it! Dad, on the other hand, could have been eternally grateful!


We know now that cum is made of mostly water and chemical compounds, with sperm only contributing a fraction of the seminal volume. And we also know that, for the most part, it can be bitter, metallic tasting, and ranging in texture from gooey to watery.

But, having your partner taste your semen has more to do with your relationship. Communication around this topic can add some spice to your bedroom antics – so have a chat, see what cums out of it, and don’t forget the pineapple juice!

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