Who has the Biggest Dick In The World?

Jonah Falcon (left) and Mandingo (right) have two of the biggest dicks in the world

From porn stars to celebrities, legends of length, and the great as yet undiscovered biggest dick in the world, I’m going to take a long hard look at the longest and hardest the male appendage has to offer and find out who has the bragging rights when it comes to cock size.

If we aren’t worrying about whether it’s big enough, we want to see who has the biggest! We guys have an odd relationship with our dicks, and for a bit of a laugh, we’re going to see who (or what) has the biggest dick in the world!

While you might think that having a 12″ schlong is going to get you laid more often, we’re also going to look at some of the disadvantages that come with being overly well endowed and, by the end, whatever you have in your pants, you might just be grateful you fall into the relatively normal group.

The Biggest Dick In The World

Before we venture into the realm of human males, let’s look briefly at the animal world, and here, the blue whale is king.

Even pornstars like Rocco Sifredi, Mandingo and John Holmes would pale into oblivion at the sight of this erect whale whacker coming in a staggering EIGHT FEET! Yes, guys, 8 feet or a whopping 96 inches and 12 inches in diameter!

Maybe in the whale world, this is average and doesn’t get females that excited, but I’d imagine that there could be some interesting contests held in the deep dark depths of the ocean!

Now, I don’t know if that’s erect or not (not sure how you’d get a male blue whale excited enough to measure it), but to put that into perspective, if your cock were that long, you’d have to fuck your lady from the floor below, and it probably has more blood flowing through it than you have in your entire body – and then some!

Biggest Dick Relative To Body Size 

Now, the blue whale has the biggest but relative body size; this would be the equivalent of a human man having a 5″ dick – not so impressive, now is it? 

The Argentinian blue-bill duck has a body length of just 8 inches but has a dick that is 17″ long! By comparison, that would be the same as an average-sized guy with a 12-foot cock! 

Moving out of the animal world, let’s come back to our length-obsessed existence and look at some of the biggest human dicks in the world.

In the same way, a shorter thinner man, with a 7” dick, may well appear to be bigger than a 6’5” Jock with an 8” dick – it’s all about perspective!

Why Are Big Dicks So Impressive?

Well, for starters, they look good! This is probably why a lot of men reading this will wish they had that 8” or 9” or even 7” cock hiding in their pants. It gives a sense of manly confidence and masculinity.

Here’s the irony though. For some men that only have a 4” or 5” dick, they wish they had an inch or two more and the same would apply for those in the 6” and 7” department so, like most things it’s relative.

But, at the same time, many men with big dicks experience intimacy issues as sex can be painful and even cause injury with their partners. They need to make some concessions in terms of using more lube and experimenting with positions and control so their partner doesn’t have negative experiences in the bedroom.

Many have even expressed feelings around having a smaller penis and have considered ways to reduce their size, but for the most part, this actually isn’t possible and so they learn to live with it.

These can cause personal confidence problems and even lead to depression and other emotional and psychological issues. Having good number of guy friends that have big dicks, many suffered rejection purely because of their size.

Who Has The Biggest Dick In The World?

There is a contest going on between two main contenders, Jonah Falcon and Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, and it’s no secret that there is some bad blood between them on this.

Jonah Falcon – 13,5″

Jonah Falcon is a 51-year-old from New York who has claimed the title of the world’s biggest dick, the owner of it anyway. And he’s happy to show it off even on live TV.

It’s worth watching for the hosts’ reactions alone. I had to wonder whether Phil and Josie were thinking about whether they could handle it or not! 

Anyway, back to Jonah. He measures 13,5″ erect with an 8″ girth, which is 1′ 1.5 if measured in feet, and admittedly there aren’t too many men that can measure their length in feet!

He is quietly confident that he does have the biggest dick in the world and does not see anyone as his immediate rival.

Roberto Cabrera – 19” Unconfirmed

Roberto Cabrera claims to have 19″ under his belt, and this is where things get a little er..sticky. Pictures of Cabrera usually show his ‘prize cock’ wrapped up, and Falcon claims that this is most foreskin and that he is quite ‘normal’ underneath.

Falcon is not afraid or shy to show and tell and claims he has slept with A-List celebrities too but is getting tired of people asking him to ‘whip it out and measure it in front of them – but when you claim to have the worlds biggest penis, I would think that kind of demand comes with the job!

Robert, however, has a bit of a checkered past as he was convicted of felony assault in 2011 after exposing himself to two underage girls and forced to leave the USA. One would have thought that the porn industry would be chomping at the bit to get that prick on screen, but they are staying far away from people like that.

Also, considering the number of freely available images of Falcon and virtually none of Cabrera indicates that something is not right in Denmark as knowing the male species the way I do, if you have the biggest of anything, you want the world to know.

This is true in the animal kingdom, too; just look at the peacock.

Another twist in this tale of the tape is that Cabrera is officially on disability as his massive manhood prevents him from wearing a uniform or running, so companies won’t employ him.

His doctors have been imploring him to reduce the size as this would help him with his consistent urinary tract infections and allow a relatively normal sex life. But to date, he has refused and insists he is happy with his penis size.

Biggest Dicks In Porn 

While many of us average Joe’s find work in menial labour, the more phallically gifted specimens can get jobs having sex for a living, and the illusion of porn makes it appear that those star dicks are monsters.

Not only that, but it gives the impression that hot sexy women only want big thick cocks, and this is most definitely not the case, as we will see later on.

Over the years, the porn industry has seen its fair share of well-endowed actors, so here is a list of the top 8 biggest dicks in porn. I’m going to include some of the vintage porn actors, so this is more of a compilation.

As a measure, and should you want to check out some of these big dicks in action, there are very few actresses that can deepthroat any of these to the balls! So if your girl can do that to you, thank your lucky stars!

 #8: John Holmes 

John Holmes

John Holmes was a legendary porn actor who claimed he’d slept with more than 14000 women. At the time (the 70s), he was one of the most famous porn stars, and while his size was never officially measured, it was estimated at around 11″.

#7: Mike Adriano 

Mike Adriano 

Mike doesn’t have the longest cock in porn but certainly has one thickest at an alledged 8″ in circumference and about the same size in length.

#6: Shorty Mac

Shorty Mac

Speaking of thick, this retired porn actor is not the longest by a long way, but certainly could hold the title of thickest at 8″ in circumference, and most women have difficulty wrapping either set of lips around it!

#5: Chris Strokes

Chris Strokes

Another star blessed in the dick department, Chris Strokes, comes in at just under 8″ long and pretty thick as well, but as we get into the top 4, we are moving into the monster territory.

#4: Danny D 

Danny D 

At over 10″ long, Danny D deserves this place in the top 4 and could well be the winner of the biggest white dick in porn at the moment. But if you watch any of Brazzers’ insanely popular porn, you probably knew that!

#3: Julio Gomez 

Julio Gomez 

As a relative newcomer to the porn industry (he made his debut in 2016), Julio’s 11 inches has impressed (and challenged) some of the porn actresses he’s worked with, and some even touting him as the biggest BBC in porn.

#2: Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele

I’m not sure if he’s related to Remington Steele, but I don’t think Pierce Brosnan is quite in the same class. With 11″ under his belt and thick to boot, no wonder he is one of the richest and most popular porn stars in the industry.

#1: Mandingo


If you haven’t heard of this legendary BBC in porn, stop reading right now and get thee to a porn site! Deserving of the No 1 spot in this list at 12″ long and probably 7″ -8″ in circumference, the term Mandingo is well suited.

Celebrities That Are Packing Large 

While perhaps not in the same realm as those of the porn industry, several male actors and celebrities have ‘titillated’ their leading ladies and fans with the alledged size of their packages.

Orlando Bloom, Steven Tyler, Colin Farrell, Daniel Craig, Lian Neeson, Jason Momoa, Jared Leto, David Beckham, Don Johnson, and James Woods are, but a few Hollywood leading men endowed with more than acting ability!

Another celebrity that allegedly was quite impressive was the late Milton Berle, and during his memorial service, a comedian friend joked that “his penis would be buried on May 1 And May 2!”

Despite intensive research and a host of movie sex scenes, there are no hard-and-fast stats available on dick size in Hollywood.

Women And Big Dicks – is bigger really better?

Now we come to the myth-busting part of this insight into the biggest dicks in the world. Depending on how secure you are about your package, reading this will hopefully bring a smile to your face and not leave you thinking about whether your dick isn’t enough to satisfy your lady.

A very important point to remember is this – PORN IS NOT REAL LIFE! Period. Moving on.

The average dick size in the world is between 5″ and 7″ when erect with a circumference of around 4″-5.”Now, if only long thick dicks made women cum, well, there’d be a hell of a lot of unsatisfied ladies in the world – but this is not the case at all.

And why you may ask? Because the average depth for a vagina is just under 4″ and all the pleasure-bearing nerves are located in that area and the clit, rather than deeper in the vagina.

The majority of articles and research did indicate that most women would find large cocks uncomfortable and even unpleasant to have sex with as a dick that long would end up hitting her cervix, which is not pleasant or pleasurable.

Some Women Won’t Even Consider Sex With A Big Cock

Whenever you read stories about guys with big dicks you inevitably read that some women they are with refuse to even fuck them. And if you’re into anal ( who isn’t), then you could be shit out of luck in that department as well. Although, there certainly are women that do enjoy big cock sex in either hole.

Now, as a man of good average size, I prefer getting in balls deep and having lips wrapped to the base than wasting half of it because it’s too long.

With women, it has a lot more to do with how much they like a guy than how big a dick is. And if you have had a few sexual partners or are fortunate enough to be in a healthy relationship, you should know that your cock is doing the job admirably.

Lastly, with dicks that big, any issues with erectile dysfunction will be amplified. Often the sex will be less pleasurable for guys with big dicks due to the sheer amount of tissue.


Yes, there are some monster dicks out there, but they are the very rare exception and not the rule, so don’t go getting down on your dick if you don’t have one of the biggest dicks in the world.

Pleasing your lover has more to do with knowing what she likes and giving that to her along with a good passionate fucking than being 10″ long. So perk up, get her in the mood, and while you may not have the dick of a porn star, you can at least fuck her like one!

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